ROCKIN’ KLUTCHCLUB {a totally on time August un-boxing}

This is getting obnoxious.  Ha ha.  I don’t think I’ve ever posted this much in one day ever.  What can I say. If you’ve been keeping up, I just posted about my June box (with your chance to win one of your own!).  I also posted about my July box and now, I’m going to share my last brag sesh of the day, sweet baby August.  Click here for the full skinny on KLUTCHclub (now Bestowed).  In the meantime, feast your eyes on this awesomeness:


Sorry in advance for the lack of pics. Everything is pictured above, so at least there’s that..

  • GoNola Wild Blueberry Wave Granola: I got a cute lil’ 140 cal snackity pack of 100% whole grain oat, pure honey and fiber goodness.
  • Tieks by Gavrieli foldable flats: Not sure if you’ve ever seen these cuties, but they are, in fact, super-cute (and awesome if you live in a city like me).  But, if you’ve seen them I’m sure you’ve also seen the 9 million dollar price tag (just kidding, like $165 or so).  Thanks to KLUTCH I got a $50 buck gift certificate and now I don’t have to sell a baby to own a pair.
  • Popcorners: AKA best ever all-natch, gluten-free pop snack on the planet.  I’m basically going to eat my weight in these.  You might not want to watch.  It’s going to be wrong.  So very, very wrong.
  • Go Sport ID: These are actually REALLY cool for athletes or really anyone off doing something active where you can’t bring your purse or wallet (like hiking and such).  I got a $10 gift card, making these babies just under $10 bucks for me.
  • Twistband luxury hair tie:  Yeah baby!  These hair ties rock my world.  So stoked to have another to add to the collection.
  • Biopharma NanoLean & NanoGreens:  Um.  Yeah.  Sorry but the “apple” flavored NanoGreens I tasted the other day were disgusting.  I realize that it’s packed with a thousand pounds of fruits and veggies, but yeah.  It was nasty.  Sorry Biopharma!  Hopefully the NanoLeans taste much better.  I love the concept of this so if anyone out there has tried a Biopharma supplement that isn’t too yuck, let me know because I have a coupon for $25 bucks off my order of $50 or more!
  • Japanese Delight’s Seaweed Salad:  This spicy number is only 90 caleries per cup with no MSG or trans fats (yey!).  I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll let ya know what I think.
  • iBodyFit 1-year online premium membership:  Here’s another thing I love about KLUTCHclub that works well for a girl like me.  In order to stay interested I REQUIRE variety in my workouts.  I’m stoked to try this membership out (valued at $155 buckaroonis).  Awesome.
  • Alo drink: Aloe is known for being hydrating & healing.    Although I could stomach this drink, it wasn’t my fave.  Man, my taste buds are total snobs.

Can’t wait to get my September Box (which includes a lil’ somethin’ special from my girl Kelly over at Anatomy Naturals).  Be on the lookout for more on that tomorrow. Until then.  Adios.  Check ya later.  High-five to KLUTCHclub for being so awesome.

I personally subscribe to this box.  This post contains affiliate links.  Additional Disclaimers here.

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