Edoughble creates cookie dough that is safe to eat. Here's an overview of why they are awesome.

I can’t. I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am at this very moment. It’s not because my daughter did something monumental, like saying “mama” or “cupcake”. Oh dear god, please let her first word be cupcake… Anyway – this my friend, is way better.

I, single handedly, and without the help of anyone else (such as my hubby, UNCRATE, or Edoughble…) have discovered the secret to pure, unadulterated cookie-dough-eating bliss.  If you’re hitched, call a divorce lawyer.   I promise you’re going to want to marry every single flavor of cookie dough Edoughble has to offer…and then some.


Here’s the scoop (Get it,  scoop?. Like, “scoop of cookie dough”? Ha ha. I kill myself). I stumbled across this fabulous cookie dough company through my hubby, who was scanning through UNCRATE the other night.  After he gave me the tip-off, I couldn’t sleep.  I tossed and turned all night long fantasizing about the many ways me and the cookie dough would become one.  These guys better lock their kitchen doors, because I’m obsessed.

If you want to send a thank you note to the fabulous team behind this magical treat, address it to Rana & John, hubby and wife…or as they say it – “Dough-Founders” (don’t you love them already?).  We all know that eating raw cookie dough can wreak havoc on your belly – who knew something so wondrous could get us so sick (oh, hello there raw eggs).  This very concept prompted the Dough-Founders to do something friggin’ awesome: “… serve fellow cookie dough lovers like you a bite of handmade cookie dough perfection that instantly reminds you just how sweet and simple life can be. No baking. No scary raw egg. Just pure, doughy, unapologetically sugary, spoon-ready deliciousness made with the best ingredients and mix-ins.”   The fact that they used the phrase “unapologetically sugary” as a description of their treats makes me love them even more.


Let’s be honest,  I’m dying to try each of the eight, mouth-watering flavors available.  BUT, since I still have a couple of baby weight pounds to shed, I will limit myself to two three 8 ounce packages of heaven (which I will devour privately in my closet when the baby is taking nap):

Edoughble Chocolate Chip Off The Old BlockCHOCOLATE CHIP OFF THE OL’ BLOCK:  Old-school flavor gets a modern makeover in this classic combo of creamy cookie dough and premium Callebaut dark chocolate chunks that makes traditional cookie dough seem square.

As an original dessert eating gangster, I’m totally in for kicking it “old school”. Find it:  here (for $8 bucks)


Edoughble Birthday BashBIRTHDAY BASH: Throw a surprise party for your taste buds with a bite of sugar cookie dough swirled with creamy vanilla frosting and bursting with confetti sprinkles.  So skip the invitations, toss the cake out the window, and celebrate all year long!

Because it’s my birthday today. Isn’t it? Find it:  here (for $8 bucks)



Edoughble Stuck On You PBJSTUCK ON YOU, PB&J: No need to cut the crusts off this lunch-box favorite.  Peanut butter cookie dough swirled with roasted peanuts and organic mixed berry jam reminds you why it was love at first bite with this timeless duo.

Remember those quadruple decker PB & J’s you could get in 4th grade? Yeah.  Me neither.  I’m in a cookie-dough trance. Find it:  here (for $8 bucks)


Be sure to stalk them relentlessly (website here).  If you can get a restraining order out of it, my job here is done.

Okay, I have to go be a parent now.   Happy day I hate to spell!