Welcome to the my new and improved blog: Kiddo & Soul. a lifestyle blog designed to share parenting tips, funny experiences, awesome products, and everything else that feeds your soul.

Oh, hello. Remember that time I was “back” from a one year blogging hiatus, but then disappeared again for two years?  Oops!  I guess raising a tiny human was a little bit more time consuming than I thought.  Thankfully, she’s two and a half years old now, so she can totally take care of herself.

Kidding!  Seriously, I’m kidding.  But, as she gets older I’m finding more time for myself.  And, I decided that I am going to use that time for something I heart so much.

I spent the last several weeks (OMG, so many weeks) revamping what was (5stylehigh) and creating my new lil’ love – Kiddo and Soul.  A place where I will continue to share awesome products, subscription stuff, parenting stuff, kid stuff, totally hilarious stuff, stuff that makes me feel stuff and everything else that fuels my soul (and hopefully yours too).

I’m feeling inspired.

BFF’s (again)?