Enjoy my inkWELL liveWELL planner review!I have been dying to get this blog off the ground, just so I could take a few minutes to blab about my most favorite desktop sidekick – my inkWELL liveWELL Planner.
Notice I said desktop, because this is your regular, old fashioned, put pen to paper and add some stickers until your heart is overflowing with happiness planner.   And I love EVERY SECOND OF IT!  Oh, the yelling.  I really have to work on that.

Anyway – This is my second year using this awesome planner and I am literally counting down to January so I can start using the 2017 version.  Luckily, it’s empty until then so I can use it to share some awesome pics of the inside.  Trust me, you want no part in the madness I actually put in the planner as I’m using it.  Couple that with the toddler scribbles on every.single.page and well…it’s just mayhem up in there.  Okay – let’s get on to the planner review (I apologize in advance for the lighting in some of these pics!).


Enjoy my inkWELL liveWELL planner review!

I’ve been a planner girl for years with Erin Condren and recently (last year) made the switch to the liveWELL brand.  Both planners are similar, but I was ready for something a bit more grown up and focused and the inkWELL liveWELL planner fit the bill.

And, when it arrived on  my front door?  I felt like it was secretly my birthday only no one knew except inkWELL who wrapped up my new planner like a fancy lil’ vintage present.


Enjoy my inkWELL liveWELL planner review!

The planner measures around 8.5 x 9.5 if you include the heavy duty metal spiral thingy.  You do not have to worry about those spirals coming out of wack and rocking your planning world – they’re staying right where they are.

Front and back covers are both hard pieces of material, so when you’re writing in it, you have a nice, strong surface.


Enjoy my inkWELL liveWELL planner review!

inkWELL liveWELL planners focus on goal planning which has been really great for me as a tool to prioritize, organize my goals and cross them off the to do list.  There is a yearly and quarterly section in the front and each month has a purty “mission board” where you can plop your goals and visualize later.

This year, they added a “Daily Habit Tracker” which is a really genius idea.  Especially if you are working on a new mantra – like drinking three thousand glasses of water per day.


Enjoy my inkWELL liveWELL planner review!

Each month has a monthly calendar spread with big white squares you can jot your events, appointments, birthdays, and such.  There is a section for your “Top 5” and notes.  I actually use this section to list any deliveries I have coming in (does this mean I have a shopping problem?) I use the top 5 section to list any magazine and subscription boxes I have coming in (let’s be real.  It should probably be a top 10 in my world).  Anything beneath that is rando stuff I order – clothes, stuff for the house, be’be’, etc.

There are two styles you can choose from:  Classic, which is more like the original Erin Condren’s;or “Flex” which is what I chose (picture below).  I took a page out of Tonya’s playbook and draw a line down the center (Tonya is the awesome women behind this fab brand, p.s).  Appointments go on the left of the line and “to do’s” for that day go on the right.

Enjoy my inkWELL liveWELL planner review!

Each day has 3 little squares that you can purpose however you choose.  Mine are Dinner, Workout & house project or cleaning project.  I highlight everything once complete.  If I don’t get to them in a week, I transfer them over to the next.

At the end of  each month you also get two pages of notes – great for jotting down…uhhhh, I don’t know, notes?,  keeping track of monthly projects, etc.


Enjoy my inkWELL liveWELL planner review!

At the back of the book there are some extras, including a gift list, travel planning worksheets, a place to jot down movies you want to see and books you want to read, as well as a monthly bill tracker, which is actually really useful even though I track our monthly expenses with YNAB (aka You Need A Budget, which is a glorius personal budget software I’ve been using for years!).

There are a bunch of notes pages in the back, which I use to house info that I will need to access multiple times throughout the year – like, bucket lists of things to do, important numbers, websites, etc.Enjoy my inkWELL liveWELL planner review!

What I love most about this book is that it’s clean, organized and HEAVY DUTY.  For the grand finale, there is a really nice, heavy duty (there’s that phrase again) two sided envelope page and a pocket in the back of the book.  I put everything in here.  My daughter rips it out and disperses it throughout the house.  So, that’s awesome.


When I told my hubby how much this planner cost us he looked at me like I had 8 heads.  But for me, I would spend more money buying 15 different cheap planners and switching them out over the year because they didn’t provide me what  I needed. This planner gives me one planner for one single yearly investment and then I’m done.  Just kidding – I have two more basic planners (one for editorial planning for this blog and another for a business venture I’m working’ up).  But that’s another blog post!

If you want to get an inkWell liveWell planner yourself, it’ll cost you around $54 bucks. BONUS!! If you go there using this link you get $10 off your order of $50 or more!

Yey for planners!  Let me know if you get one and what you think.  I have a feeling you will L-O-V-E it.

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