Here are 5 delicious fall cocktails for your Thanksgiving feast!It’s almost time!  It’s almost time!  Thanksgiving is TOMORROW guys, and I’m pretty excited for the celebration.  I mean, there’s the food…and the delicious desserts…but there is just something so magical about this time of year that gives me all the feelings.

(looks up from a wad of tissues with a sinister smile)

I’m going to drown them in cocktails.  Really, fally cocktails.



Here's 5 really grown up fall cocktails for your thanksgiving feast!PLUM + THYME PROSECCO SMASH

Plum season typically ends sometime in the early fall, but thanks to this fabulous century we live in, we can get these babies all. year. round.

Pair them with a lil’ Prosecco and some other fancy ingredients and I’m like, Plum & Thyme Prosecco Smash?  Let’s make this relationship really, really complicated.

We’ve got Prosecco, Plums, Thyme, Simple Syrup and some  other little treats.  Oh, and bonus?  You get to “muddle” the ingredients.

This is going to be my Thanksgiving jam.  Find the full recipe over at My Diary of Us.

Here's 5 really grown up fall cocktails for your thanksgiving feast!BOURBON PECAN PIE COCKTAIL

I’m going to say that one again.  Bourbon.  Pecan Pie.  Cocktail.  Remember when I was talking about the magical things that happen this time of year?  Well, this drink sounds absolutely spellbinding and I’m not even a huge fan of bourbon!

My hubby however, has become quite the Whiskey connoisseur over the last couple of years.  So, I’m pretty sure this will be his Thanksgiving jam.

This one has Maker’s Mark (I’m not joking but we have 3 bottles of this in our liquor cabinet right now), Vodka and a lil’ something to make that Pecan flavor stand out.

Find it over at Basil + Bubbly

Here's 5 really grown up fall cocktails for your thanksgiving feast!HONEY CRISP APPLE SANGRIA

I eat an apple every single day. And, I just realized that I should be drinking more apples.  Especially the kind that are mixed with alcohol and the most luscious fall ingredients in the land.

This sweet lil’ lady is made with red wine, brandy, Honeycrisp apples, and cinnamon sticks, for starters.

Just look at her!  Isn’t she glowing?

Sally’s Baking Addiction has the full recipe.


Here's 5 really grown up fall cocktails for your thanksgiving feast!PEAR BOURBON SMASH

I’m bringing bourbon back for fall cocktail number four.  Can you imagine your Thanksgiving without it?

This bad boy is a blend of pears, bourbon and maple syrup.  MAPLE SYRUP!

Oh, and you get to mash stuff.  And then drink it.  And, smile a lot.

Head on over to Just a Little Bit of Bacon for the full fabulous recipe!


Here's 5 really grown up fall cocktails for your thanksgiving feast!APPLE CIDER MOSCOW MULE

I need to talk about these copper mugs for a second. Where can I find them and make them mine?  And, when I find them, do you think they will be filled to the brim with a fabulous fall cocktail?

Before today I had no clue what a Moscow Mule was until this very moment.  And now?  I want to drink one for each year I missed out.

This copper mug of perfection has vodka, ginger beer, and cider for starters.   I’m smelling the ingredients in my mind as we speak.  Hot Beauty Health has the full recipe!  Or was it Beauty Hot Health?  I think I’m tipsy.

Thank you Pinterest (and all of the fab peeps above) for making all of my fall cocktail dreams come true.  I love you.  I love you so.

Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with fabulous food and drink, family, friends, and pies.  So many pies.