THE BEST WAY TO FIND YOUR KEYS (Get a Tile). I lost mine the other day and my tile found them 1900 miles away!This product was provided to me as a gift from my hubby.  This post contains affiliate links.  Additional disclaimers here.

Wanna know the best way to find your keys?  A Tile.  Scene setting story below.  Or you can just hop to the bottom of this page and save yourself a million headaches by grabbing one and never, ever letting it go.


And it was awful.  My sweet and spicy little 2.8 year old has been having a difficult time with her emotions lately.  Some call it the terrible twos.  I call, it “holy crap, does this thing have an off button because I’m exhausted and totally out of ideas.”  It’s a literal roller coaster of emotions – in one breathe she’s the sweetest most loving person in the world and then BAM! She’s launching a heavy object at my head.

Anyway, last Thursday we were having one of those days so I decided to ditch the idea of making dinner and grab something healthy on the way home from letting her run off energy at the playground.  I parked the car, went inside, did my best to order while sweet girl thrashed about, and walked out with food in hand desperate to find my happy place.

Wanna know the best way to lose any hope of finding your happy place?  Lose your keys.  Lose your keys while carrying a giant bag of food as your toddler affixes T-Rex stickers to your forehead.

Feelings happened.  Probably a couple of tears.  But, eventually with the last 2 bars left on my cell phone, I ordered an UBER fully equipped with THE MOST incredibly patient driver (who got knee deep in battle with me as we fought the carseat for 30 minutes!).


And, here’s the hilarious part.  I have a Tile.  And, if I would’ve used the 2 bars on my phone to initiate my Tile the second I realized my keys were missing I literally would’ve saved 2 hours worth of torture.

If you don’t have a Tile, the way it works when it’s attached to a “thing” (like keys), is that you press a little button on the app on you phone and that baby searches high and low for your “thing”.  If it is in earshot, you will hear a fancy little melody and follow that sound until you locate them. (P.S. my keys were totally in ear shot) But, if they are not in ear shot (because you completely forgot you owned a Tile and now you’re home crying your eyes out), they send out the search party.

When I got home from the madness, I remembered I had my fancy Tile and although I knew I was probably not going to hear anything, I pressed the little button, sighed…laughed and went to bed.   And, when I woke up the next morning?  My BFF Tile alerted my phone to let me know it had found my “thing”…in Denver.

My keys were in Denver, CO guys.  And, for those of you that don’t already know?  I’m in Boston.  I put two and two together and realized that the one person that was in BGood at the same time as me, must have inadvertently picked up my keys during the toddler tornado, got in her car, drove to the airport, hopped on a plane and flown my keys to Denver.

Well?  At least I know where they are now!


If you want to find your keys make sure you have a Tile attached to them.  And, then make sure you have a Tile surgically implanted into your brain so you remember you have a Tile when you should be using your Tile.


THE BEST WAY TO FIND YOUR KEYS (Get a Tile). I lost mine the other day and my tile found them 1900 miles away!
Tile is a tiny Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use app that helps you find everyday items in seconds.
Except for if you forget you have a Tile and then it might take a bit longer.  Hubby got me this as a gift last year and it was one of the best I’ve gotten, in all seriousness.  I have one in my purse, my wallet, attached to my keys and in my car.  You download an app, turn on your blue tooth, activate your tiles, start losing things and then find them with Tile.


Right now they have some sweet holiday bundles on sale, which include 8 Tiles starting at $130. Find em:  here.  You can also grab the Tile Mate or Tile Slim separately, starting at $25 bucks each.  Find em:  here


I’m SO with you! Three more sleeps and we’ll all be eating sweet potato and apple pie.  Happy Monday before Thanksgiving!