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I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty much living in sweaters these days.  Sure, there’s the “this sweater covers up last night’s Chipotle bloat” reason to where a cozy sweater, but there is just something so snuggly about a big ol’ comfy sweater with a pair of leggings and a great boot even when I’m feeling my fittest.

Since I’m on a posting binge, I’ve rounded up some of my faves.  If Santa or any of his elves feel they are appropriate for under the tree, I certainly will not object.  Fa-la-la-la-la!

Pale Grey Ripped High Low Hooded Frayed Sweater

Have you shopped SheIn yet?  If not, I would recommend heading on over there and checking out some of their stuff.  Super cheap prices and although I haven’t purchased anything directly from them (yet…) I have read a ton of reviews and everyone raves about the quality.  I was doin’ a little window shopping and fell hard for this grey little hooded delight.  Grab it in Pale Grey, Army Green or Khaki. Bonus?  It’s only $24.99.  Find it:  Here

Here's 6 of my favorite cozy sweaters.

Khaki Diamond Pattern Drop Shoulder Sweater

Can’t you just picture this with a pair of leggings and some knee high slippers…sitting next to the fire…reading a book….eating an entire plate of Christmas cookies?  Yeah, me too.  This is another SheIn love, and you can grab it in Khaki (pictured) or Grey for $23.99.  Um, score! Find it:  here 

Here's 6 cozy sweaters I heart SO much!

BP Dolman Knit Tunic

I am in sweet intoxicating love with the thick band at the bottom of this Pink Sphinx Tunic.  My dream sweater is pretty much this:  skinny arms, fitted around the bottom, and billowy in all of the areas that need a little extra draping around the holidays.  Nordstrom sells this little lady for $49 bucks and you can grab it in Pink Sphinx, Burgandy Stem or Black.  Find it:  here

Here's 6 cozy sweaters I love so much!

My final three cozy sweater loves are all from ModCloth because I wanna marry Modcloth.  Two of them are technically over $50, by $4.99…but, since I’m an affiliate, I’m hoping I can snag an awesome coupon to bring it under the $50 mark.  I’ll post it here and on socials if I do!

A Cozy Touch Sweater in Burgundy

I work at home.  But, I SO remember the days when I worked in the office and every other second someone was bringing in Holiday Party leftovers (usually the naughty kind) and basically forcing me to eat all of them.  Those are the days you wish you have a sweater like this.  Classy enough to dress up.  Comfy enough to feel like you’re home in your sweats.  Comes in Noir and Burgandy.  Grab it:  here for $44.99.

Here's 6 of my favorite cozy sweaters

Throw in the Cowl Sweater in Mist

Soft.  Cozy.  Perfect with Jeans.  Done and done.  Find it:  here for $54.99 in Mist (shown) or Noir.

Here's 6 cozy sweaters I love so much!

Homecoming ‘Round the Mountain Sweater in Frost

Last but certainly not least comes in baby blue.  How soft does this sweater look?  My grandma used to knit us sweaters every Christmas.  Not the kind you wanted to shove in the back of your closet and pretend someone stole because it was so wonderful…the kind you actually wanted to hide from your friends because it was so awesome they all wanted to borrow it.  This sweater brings me straight back to her…and those memories…and those perfectly hand knit cozy sweaters.  Find it:  here for $54.99 in Frost or Moss.

Here's 6 cozy sweaters I love so much!

Happy Tuesday!  Yey sweaters!