These Pie Pops are absolutely adorable. Must eat them!Happy Monday!  Taking a break from the subscription box tornado from last week (um, such great gift ideas PS) to talk about something much sweeter.  I probably should be talking about salads, but how can I talk about lettuce when I can be talking about pie crust and pie fillings ON A STICK!

Oh, yes.  You heard me right.  Pie on a stick.


This fab little bakery has a mama, Jess Filippi.  Jess (um, yes we’re on a first name basis only she has no clue) made some pretty awesome treats for friends and family and decided to start sharing her sweet bakery delights with the rest of the world. Um, I think she was on to something.


These Pie Pops are absolutely adorable. Must eat them!I’m going to start with these perfect little pies on a stick, because…I mean, they are pies…and they are in lollypop form so basically all of my dreams have come true.

They sell Apple, Blueberry, Fall Flavor and Pear and Honey Pie Pop flavors.  AND, you can order them in different shapes: Classic, Mickey (as in “mouse”) and heart.

A half dozen pie pops will run you around $32 bucks ($64.00 for a dozen, with bulk orders available for big events like, showers, weddings, my birthday…etc.).  You can either choose one flavor or create a 50/50 box, where you’ll get half of one kind and half of the other.

Find em’:  here


These Pie Pops are absolutely adorable. Must eat them!I’ve had these guys on my radar for a while now and not until yesterday a.m. did I realize they had a pie pop subscription!

Pop Box sends 5 treats every month, including at least two flavors of Pie Pops and a special, exclusive mystery treat (new pie pop flavors, holiday cookies, etc).

Subscriptions start at $34 bucks / month.    Shop hundreds of boxes    


And, if it couldn’t get better than that, they have other treats too.

These Pie Pops are absolutely adorable. Must eat them!Yup, like Brookies:  A chocolaty, thick cookie on the outside; a moist, chewy brownie on the inside.  Find em’:  here

Chocolate Chip Cookies:  Um, if you don’t know what a chocolate chip cookie is at this point in your life, you might not even be a real person.  Find em’:  here

and, Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies.   Basically a birthday party disguised as delicious butter, sugar and edible confetti.   Find em’:  here


Yes.  Invitations go out just after the holidays.