FAIR TRADE FASHION FROM THE GIRLFRIEND COLLECTIVEYou may have seen the ads floating around on Facebook earlier last year (I can’t believe I just said “last year”), but if you haven’t, I’m here to introduce you to the fair trade fashion awsesomeness that is Girlfriend Collective.

They recently ran a “free leggings” promotion (which I TOTALLY jumped on, P.S.) and as I impatiently await the arrival of my ethically made, sustainably sourced leggings, I thought I’d give you a sneak peak into this fabulous lady brand.

Shout out to the Girlfriend Collective for an absolute GENIUS launch strategy, by the way.  The internet is practically breaking over these leggings!! Grab your free pair here (although, let’s be honest…they are not TOTALLY free because you have to pay the shipping and it’s like $20 bucks or so).   But, considering they are going to retail for around $70 bucks once the free campaign is over, you’re getting yourself a sweet little deal.


FAIR TRADE FASHION FROM THE GIRLFRIEND COLLECTIVEMeet Ellie and Quang, hubby and wife and co-founders of this amazing company that creates clothing  under the commitment of meaningful change.

Truth sesh.  I totally stalked these two.  And, they are totally adorable. AND, their wedding is featured in like, a thousand publications because they are perfect.  Hence, the fab wedding pic to the left via If It’s Hip It’s Here.

Anyway, this power couple knows that in order to produce a quality product that feels (and fits) high end, they must take the time necessary to design something truly awesome and affordable.  These leggings took 9 months, 47 samples and 16 patterns to gestate.  The fact that they are environmentally friendly is the sweet icing on the legging cake.  Mmmmm…I bet their wedding cake was perfection.


Um, these leggings are made out of water bottles (BPA free baby).  YES!  WATER BOTTLES!  I totally screamed that, but I just had to.  They take consumer water bottles (after the water is consumed, obvi), ditch the caps and labels and shred those babies into itty-bitty chips.  Processsing…fibers..yarn…leggings.  Boom.  You’re wearing water bottles on your legs.


All of their recycled fabrics are cut and sewn at their facility in Vietnam (“the fair trade equivalent for garment production” as they say).  The facility is SA8000 certified, which you could read more about here.

Oh, and don’t forget to  recycle your packaging once those sweet little fair trade fashion bad boys arrive because it’s 100% recycled AND recyclable!


FAIR TRADE FASHION FROM THE GIRLFRIEND COLLECTIVEUm, no!  According to their Facebook page it looks like they are expanding the line early this year.  I was totally going to say in 2017, but…holy cow.  It’s already 2017!!  Anyway – it looks like they are going to be offering different colors, styles and more (joggers, tops maybe?). You know how much I love my athleisure wear! Can’t wait.

Oh, and stay tuned for another post once I receive my free pair – they should be arriving any day and I’m stoked to tell you how water bottles feel as pants.

Happy New Year!