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FRIENDS!  Oh, my gosh.  I’m so excited.

I have been saying to my hubby for years (ok, well maybe not years, but like a really, really long time) that I wish I could try a meal delivery service that would make me healthy, properly portioned, organic, clean meals.  It’s basically the equivalent of having your own personal chef and it’s been my life’s dream for the longest time ever.

And, guuuuuueeeesssss what?  My dreams are coming true because we have just received our very first shipment of prepared meals and now I’m going to lose all the baby weight and be asked to pose on the cover of a health magazine.

Introducing:  Metabolic Meals!


Metabolic Meals takes the work out of healthy eating by delivering delicious, personalized meals made with fresh, gluten-free ingredients.  Meal plans start at $10.65 per meal.  Get the subscription  BONUS!  If you sign up with my link, you get 2 FREE meals, plus FREE shipping on your first week!HEALTHY MEAL DELIVERY WITH METABOLIC MEALS


There are two plans to choose from, Chef’s Choice or My Choice.

My Choice: We chose the My Choice plan because the only meals we were looking to supplement in our daily lives were dinners.  The My Choice Plan, meals start at $10.65 / meal and you can choose 8 to 15 meals per week.  You choose all of your meals from a menu that is provided (and changes weekly).  I choose my meals from the  Fit portion (less calories, smaller portion) and my hubby’s meals are chosen from the Performance Plan (more calories, larger portion).

Chef’s Choice: The other option is Chefs Choice.  With this plan their chefs and nutritionists choose a structured weekly menu designed to improve your health, fuel weight loss, or increase performance.  You can select 3, 5 or 7 days per week, 2 or 3 meals per day.  Pricing for this plan starts at $26.56 / day.

Cancel or pause the program at any time.



Metabolic Meals creates dishes that are:

  • made with organic ingredients
  • prepared with grass-fed proteins
  • do not contain artificial ingredients
  • 100% gluten-free (yes, all meals)

Meals are made from scratched and delivered fresh, fully prepared so all you have to do is heat them (in the BPA free containers), eat them and recycle the packaging. And, since they are sent in temperature controlled packaging they ship to all 48 contiguous states.

Oh, and they strive to use ingredients that are sourced from companies enrolled in the Non-GMO project (you can read more about that here) which is pretty darn awesome.


Well, I mean…we all know that a variety of factors go in to losing weight.  We have to exercise AND eat healthy.  And, we have to be smart about the choices we make all the time (aka don’t eat healthy and work out and finish each night off with a tub of ice cream).  But, yes – these Metabolic Meals can help with weight loss because the meals are balanced to influence fat loss (keeping the ratios of protein, fat and carbs in mind when prepared).

Everything you need to know can be found here (the FAQ page is really informative and answers just about every question you might have)


So. Many. Reasons.  Health.  Weight loss.  Convenience.  Before our little lady arrived we were faithful Sunday meal preppers.  We cooked a boat load of healthy food on Sunday, packed it containers per day and ate simply and nutritionally all week long (breakfast, lunch and dinner).  But, we have been terrible (like, oh so terrible) at eating healthy these last couple years.  We go through waves, but we are just incredibly busy with work, and me deciding to start 42 businesses, and raising a toddler, and free time, and cleaning our house (3 full baths…not so fun) and all of the other jobs that are part of this glorious life we live. Plus, we really want to do fun things on Sunday as a family and not cook for a million hours straight.

Food has fallen to the waste side.  We order way too much, we throw together whatever is in the fridge way too much and we are missing out on the nutrients we need to be healthy and portions we need to be in the shape we want to be.

So, that’s why we are here trying meal delivery with Metabolic Meals.  We just got our shipment and I’ll be sharing our thoughts on the program at the end of the week. Stay tuned! Yippee!