If you're sick and looking for soup delivery (nationwide), check out these sites!Guys.  I’ve been sick.  For days.  Finally I’m out of bed and back to the living (well, as best as I can be after being bedbound since Sunday).  Thank god for my rock star hubby who has literally been doing everything for days.  We are exhausted.  I need soup.  Do you need soup?  I totally need some soup.  And, when I say “soup”, I mean the kind I don’t have to make but it’s sent to my front door in the form of soup delivery.


Since I love when everything in the land is delivered to me, I figured why stop when I’m sick?  And,  since the whole entire world is sick too, I decided to share some kick-ass companies that are delivering soups to sickies (and healthies), nationwide.  Oh yes,  I said it.

There are companies out there that make delicious homemade soup and deliver that savory bowl of goodness right to your door.  All you have to do is roll out of bed (and possibly crawl) to your front door, open it, grab the soup, somehow make it back to your bed without having a fever halucination and ending up in your neighbors living room and enjoy.  Soup delivery.  It’s real and it’s the awesomest.


If you're sick and looking for soup delivery (nationwide), check out these sites!

Now, don’t get weirded out but this soup comes in a bottle.  I’m pretty sure you put it in a bowl and heat it up once it arrives and the bottle is for storage purposes and not drinking purposes.   Anyway, you can grab this Healing Broth 8 Pack from SOUPURE.    They took “Grandma’s formula for health and morphed it into a powerfully crafted immune and skin booster. Sip on an achy day or toss in your own magical ingredients for a spectacular meal.”  You can choose a variety pack or pick from multiple flavors available including beef, chicken with miso, chicken miso free, vegan, variety bone broth, or variety all pack.  Meat recipes are made with grass fed antibiotic free beef or chicken. Sounds awesome.  Send 4,000 of them.   Find it:  HERE for $77.50 (8 pack).  Nationwide delivery.


If you're sick and looking for soup delivery (nationwide), check out these sites!

This company has gotten a ton of hype in the media (Today show, Shark Tank, Self Magazine, etc.) and it’s super duper cute.   Their Get Well package (is adorable as I already mentioned) and comes with a 64 oz jar of soup (Butternut Squash, Chicken Noodle, Mushroom or Tomato Basil), 1/2 dozen bacci rolls, 1/2 dozen cookies (Chocolate Chip, Gingerbread, Oatmeal Raisin or Sugar), a ladle (OMG, it comes with a ladle!), and a personalized note card.  What an awesome gift to send to a family who is going through a hard time or just needs some feel good cookin’.  Love it.  Find it:  here for $69.99.  Ships Nationwide.


If you're sick and looking for soup delivery (nationwide), check out these sites!

Personally, I’m in love with this brand.  BUT, sadly they don’t deliver nationwide. I might cry.  Anyway – I chose to include these guys for any fab readers in the DC, MD, VA area because you’re the luckiest in the land if you get to try this soup!  If you’re feeling sick, you can grab their Grandma, Chickenless or Bipartisan soup.  And if you’re feeling healthy or hungover AF (literally, that’s on their website), there are other varieties to snag, like Bone Broth and Hangover soup varietes.  Find em’:  Here to see how to get some soupity delivered to your front door and also to just peruse their really, really awesome website. Photo props:  DC Refined.

That is all.

Lots of soups.

Love them all.

And, also fun fact:  I “hated” soup until about 5 years ago.  And, well…now I just really love soup.