Check out these healthy snacks from The Cookie Department!Hi, my name is Jenny and I’m addicted to cookies.  It’s been 17 days since my last confession.  I’ve been neck deep in “Operation Hot Bod by 40”  for a couple of weeks now, but all I can think about is cookies.  They dance around in my head wearing little hats and sunglasses, taunting me with their sweet,buttery goodness.  I ate a carrot the other day and imagined it was a gooey, melty chocolate chip cookie…each and every single bite.  I’m so ashamed.

In ALL seriousness (as if that’s remotely possible at this point), I am on a healthy kick.  But, I’m not completely depriving myself of everything I love so much.  If I find a healthy way to please my sweet tooth while I work on Operation HBB40, I go for it.  And, I’ve found a healthy snack that is both a cookie and not a total waste of calories!


Um, how fun do these cookies look?  When it comes to healthy snacks, cookie is probably not the first word that jumps into your head.  I mean, 95% of cookies are not healthy AT.ALL.  But, The Cookie Department has come up with a way to endulge without all of the guilt you get with your standard Tollhouse specials.  As they say, these cookies are fully functional.

The Cookie Department uses Non-GMO ingredients that are locally sourced.  Cookies contain zero artificial ingredients and no added trans fatty acids.


I’ve perused the site and have decided I need to try the 3 flavors below.

Tough Cookie (12-Pack)

Check out these healthy snacks from The Cookie Department!The Cookie Department’s Peanut Butter cookie packs a protein punch to help you recuperate after the gym, the kid’s carpool, olympic training, rocket science-ing, night classes or whatever you have to be a tough cookie for!   The key ingredient in this fab little peanut butter nugget is rBST Free Whey Protein which promotes lean muscle.  OMG, I love peanut butter.  Find em’: HERE ($34.95)

Chocolate Chip Nookie (12-Pack)

Check out these healthy snacks from The Cookie Department!

Lounging in between the sheets of this package is one sexy cookie. Made with the Peruvian root Maca, the Cookie Department’s Chocolate Chip Nookie cookie takes you from day to date…or makes your day a little more chocolate-y and a little more lovely.   Let us not forget that a little naughty time can provide as much calorie burn as you get doing Pilates for 25 minutes.  So, um…these totally count.  Find em’: HERE ($27.95)  

Great Full Vegan Wellness Cookies (12-Pack)

Check out these healthy snacks from The Cookie Department!

Want to be great? Try our vegan sweet potato, cranberry and oatmeal cookie. Sweet potatoes are high in antioxidants while oatmeal satisfies and cranberries are just yummy! Rich in molasses and vanilla flavors, this cookie tastes just like a holiday. Give thanks for the Great Full cookie!  These ingredients sound like perfection.  Want to eat 37 of them.  Find em’:  HERE ($34.95)

Bonus, if you subscribe, you can save 10%!


Well, you be the judge.  I mean, it’s not like you can replace your salad with a bowl of purposeful cookes and call it an even trade.  But, based upon the ingredients in these cookies, they are a better alternative to the standard cookie and maybe even considered a healthy snack…or healthy-ish, at the very least.

Let me know if you give these bad boys a try!  In the meantime, I’ll be doing squats while pretending that a handsome fitness instructor is feeding me mini cupcakes.  Tootles!

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