I'm in love with these kids tents from Striped Coast on Etsy!This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.  See full disclaimers here.

I don’t know about you, but I was obsessed with building tents and forts as a kid.  And, as an adult (like at this very moment) I wish I had a a big kids tent to go hide out in, for like 5 minutes…you know, to think.  Catch up on social media.  Eat an entire cake without sharing.   Don’t judge.  You know you want to do it too.

So, um…yeah.  I’m totally obsessed with these awesome kids tents from Striped Coast.  Seriously.   These are like, the cutest, most functional things on the planet and I want one in every flavor for myself for my little lady bug. Get ready to die.


Striped Coast creates THE MOST adorable handmade toys and accessories for your kiddos – and, they all inspire creativity and help develop imagination.  All of the products designed by Karolina and Migle (fab designers responsible for this sweet lil’ brand) are inspired by the waves of the sea and the breath of the evening breeze.  

These goodies are created with natural materials, like linen, wool and cotton. And, well…let’s be honest.  They’re pretty much perfect.  Let’s dive in.  Get it?  Dive…ocean… ha.  I kill myself!


This Dreaming Butterfly Tablecloth House is pretty much my childhood dreams realized.  The coral pink and the stripes? Don’t even get me started on the felt butterflies and roll up windows.  Dimensions:  118.1in x 86.6in Find it:  HERE for $79.

I'm in love with these kids tents from Striped Coast on Etsy!

It’s a Celebrating Ship guys.  Can you even?  This little party boat is made per your table’s dimensions and I’m fairly confident you’ll be hiding out in it just as much as your little bubs.  I’ll take it.  And, while we’re at it, I will also take the puppy.   Find it: HERE for $99

I'm in love with these kids tents from Striped Coast on Etsy!

And, because I really want to send you over the edge, I’m including this Frozen Tale Tablecloth House.  Because if you are going to get yourself a little “you time” in your little one’s kid tent?  It should probably make you feel like the princess mama you are (and when I say “you”, I mean “me”, because I need to own this tent and blast “Let it Go” on repeat in the baddest way).  Dimensions: 126″ x 86.6″. Find yours:  HERE for $89.    I'm in love with these kids tents from Striped Coast on Etsy!

If you want to check out the entire shop (which includes some other fun stuff for your kiddos like a puppet theatre and finger puppets), head on over – > HERE.

In the meantime, I’ll be laying a giant blanket over my office desk.  I might be under there eating things.