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I’m a total coffee girl through and through.  I love coffee…wanna marry coffee…wanna wrap it up in a blanket and snuggle it I love coffee so much.  Coffee, coffee, coffee!

If you’ve been following along, I shared a delicious post yesterday showcasing a seriously fab juice company.  And, as part of the detox cleanse they sent me, I limited my coffee intake (considerably).  And (yep, I “anded” again), while I was pretty stoked about the energy boost I got from the juice (it was AMAZING, p.s.), I just can’t abandoned my morning (and often afternoon) brew just yet.  

Which is perfect because the hubs and I just had a fun little coffee tasting party thanks to the incredibly awesome, BeanGenius and I want to blab all about their coffee subscription!


BeanGenius delivers freshly roasted specialty coffee, chosen for your unique palate, straight to your door. The more you use it, the smarter it gets!  Subscriptions start at $22 / month.  Get the box Bonus!  Get 10% off your order by using my link and entering coupon code kiddoandsoul10.

I'm reviewing the Bean Genius Coffee Subscription on the blog!

Other awesomes:

  • They use a machine algorithm and customer feedback to learn individual taste preferences to select coffee unique to your palate
  • They offer single-origin coffees and blends and work with expert coffee cuppers (they taste everything and only select coffees that score at least 85 or more points on a scale of 100)
  • Ground coffee options available upon request
  • International shipping!


The packaging is super simple and streamlined, which I totally loved.   And, they got fun with it by including little “love” notes throughout the outside of the box.

I'm reviewing the Bean Genius Coffee Subscription on the blog!

Speaking of “love notes”, the box comes with a “Welcome” card which gives you the low-down on the coffee awesomeness you’re about to embark upon – Make.  Taste.  Rate.  Repeat.  

I'm reviewing the Bean Genius Coffee Subscription on the blog!

I'm reviewing the Bean Genius Coffee Subscription on the blog!

I received the Flavor Flight, which is the box every new subscriber gets when they sign up for BeanGenius.  This box, and the Palate Profiler (which you fill out online via yoru account) is the key to discovering your coffee preferences (and ensuring you get the best stuff in your subsequent boxities).

The flavor flight comes with three bags of beans.   Each bag comes with a symbol, rather than a label.  After you taste the coffee, you log into your account and rate it, by giving it one to five stars.  Once you do that, coffee’s details are revealed and you can see whatcha’ got.

I'm reviewing the Bean Genius Coffee Subscription on the blog!

Oh, they also send you a brew guide, which broke down the various brew types (Drip, French Press & Pour Over). Seriously, these guys leave nothing out and provide pretty much everything you can to make your coffee dreams come true.

I'm reviewing the Bean Genius Coffee Subscription on the blog!


We started with the bag with the white circle. and brewed it with our drip coffee maker because…where is my French Press?  Probably confiscated by my three year old and hiding in a bin of toys somewhere it should not be.

This brew tasted a bit french-roasty to us, which isn’t our fave.  We gave it 2 stars, poured it into our travel mugs and headed off on a road trip.  FLAVOR:  Guatamala.  Nutty.  I was actually surprised when the flavor was revealed, because I typically gravitate towards nutty roasts!

I'm reviewing the Bean Genius Coffee Subscription on the blog!

Our second cuppa Joe (the bag with the black circle) was more our speed. And, here’s something interesting – I like my coffee hot (not like burn my face off hot, but def. steamy).  Interestingly, this particular brew tasted even better after it sat for a bit.  We gave it four stars and revealed that it was…FLAVOR:  Sumatra, Earthy.  We have been obsessing over our Nespresso lately, and this was a very welcome change.  Per-fecto!

Lastly, we tasted the bag with a bulls-eye and what a pleasant surprise!  I actually like this coffee the best out of all of the flavors sent and when I gave it 5 stars I was totally blown away by the reveal.  FLAVOR: Ethiopia, Fruity.  What?  Fruity? We never, ever drink fruity coffee.  Guess the geniuses over at BeanGenius are just as genius as they boast.  Loved it.  Wanna drink so, so much of it. Like, hook me up to an IV and just blast this delicious coffee into my veins without ever stopping. Did I just take that too far?

I'm reviewing the Bean Genius Coffee Subscription on the blog!

THE COST (get 10% OFF!)

BeanGenius coffee subscriptions are available monthly, for 6 months or 12 months. And, like most subscription boxes, you get a sweet lil’ discount if you subscribe to more months upfront.  A monthly will run you $22 bucks per month, 6 months will cost $20.90 per month and an annual subscription will run you $19.80 per month.

But, lucky you!  The folks over at BeanGenius shared an exclusive coupon code to kiddoandsoul readers, good for 10% off your order!  Just visit them -> HERE and enter coupon code kiddoandsoul10.  This is good for the Marketplace too, which has like 40 gazillion types of coffee for sale.


Five thousand stars!  Seriously loved this coffee subscription.  And, not just because it was filled with my favorite thing to drink.  I love the way they spice up the tasting process by creating a super fun tasting experience.  And, I learned that I might possibly be a fruity coffee drinker.  Who-da-thunk-it?

Off to put some good use to this coffee buzz!  Should I speed clean my house?

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