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Happy National Reading Month!  I just narrowly missed being able to say that.  Nothing like waiting to the very last minute right?

Well, in celebration of reading all year round, I’m sharing THE MOST adorable book subscription for your littlest lil’ love birds.   And, I’ll be sharing our favorite children’s books (most of which came from subscriptions like this one) next week, so stay tuned.

Ready for some literary sweetness?


Bookroo delivers 2-3 adorably wrapped, curated children’s books to your doorstep each month in an effort to inspire love of reading through bringing the surprise and excitement of gifts to reading. Two choices available: board books (for ages ~0-3) and picture books (for ages ~2-6+).  Subscriptions start at $17.99 / month. [otw_shortcode_button href=”” size=”tiny” icon_position=”left” shape=”radius” color_class=”otw-pink” target=”_blank”]Get the box[/otw_shortcode_button] Bonus!  Get $10 off your order using my link and entering KIDDOANDSOUL at checkout! 

Other awesomes:

  • Each book comes wrapped like a present!
  • Books are reviewed by a 12 panel set of families attending Stanford University (and their combined 22 kids)! Each book is rated and only the winners are put in the Bookroo boxes.
  • On the off-chance you get a book you already have, you can give the book to a friend and they’ll give you $5 bucks off your next subscription.  Score!
  • All packaging is recycled & recyclable!


Can I just please talk about how perfect this delivery was?  We purchased a Bookroo gift subscription for my nephew’s first birthday earlier this year (his mama is a librarian and an expert in children’s books, so it seemed like a perfect fit) and loved getting one ourselves!  

The package came with a little note card that said shared a brief synopsis (I so love that word, p.s.) of each picture book we received. 

We received it the day before my girly’s 3rd birthday – great present opening practice!

When you sign up, you choose the type of subscription you’d like, either Board Books or Picture Books.  Our little 3 year old still reads board books, but is now really into picture books, so we chose that one. Our delivery came with 2 books (Board Book subscriptions come with three).

I love that they find the “hidden gems” and send those types of books in their boxes.  We get a ton of classic children’s books as gifts (which is awesome) and I like rounding out our kiddo library with books we might not have found on our own.

Let’s talk Elecopter.  Firstly, this is a book about an elephant that is also a super awesome animal rescuing helecopter.  Basically, my child’s imagination coming to life.  This book is super colorful and also has an adorable little story line that was easy for my ladybug to follow.

Sharing two adorable children's books from the Bookroo Book Subscription!

We like rhyming, so that (and learning about helecopter mechanics) was the icing on the cake!

The second book we received was Wherever You Go.  Love, love, lovey-love fest.

I found this story so incredibly adorable and can see it revisiting our lives for years to come.  It’s whimsical, charming and the absolute perfect book to curl up on the couch under a blankey and snuggle to.


I would most definitely grab this subscription for my kiddo and will be adding it to my wish list.

Monthly subscriptions are $17.99 plus shipping & handling. A three month or six month subscription will save you a bit of money at $16.66 or $16.33 (6-month), plus shipping and handling, and a twelve month subscription is only $15.99 plus shipping and handling.  Shipping and handling is $5 bucks in the US and $16 bucks if shipping to Canada.

And, don’t forget that you can get $10 off your order using this link and entering KIDDOANDSOUL at checkout! 


Guys…I’m feeling sentimental today.  Could be because I just officially completed my third full year of parenting (Happy Birthday Aria!)…or possibly because I had way too much coffee yesterday and have lost my mind completely.  Either way,  as I was perusing the Bookroo website, I found this quote and am basically sobbing now.

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

Thank you Albert Einstein for that fabulous quote, and thank you Bookroo for sending us this adorable little package.  We heart you and we’re reading these books (as my little bug would say) “ever and ever”.

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