Happy Saturday!  I’ve had a couple of people ask us if we’re still loving our Metabolic Meals, so I thought I’d share a quick follow up to our original review to let you know where we are at with our first-ish experience with healthy meal delivery…and, the answer is – we are still LOVING IT!

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We are so very pleasantly surprised with our dinners these days and not to sound all info-mercially, but that is thanks to Metabolic Meals (cue roaring applause).  We are in our 7th week and still going strong (signal a bunch of mascots doing backhand springs across a football field).  It’s crazy-town over here!


For those of you that haven’t read my original post, Metabolic Meals takes the work out of healthy eating by delivering delicious, personalized meals made with fresh, gluten-free ingredients.  Meal plans start at $10.65 per meal.  BONUS!  If you sign up with my link, you get 2 FREE meals, plus FREE shipping on your first week!


Honestly?  Just about all of them.  But, I’m not going to post 3,000 pics of our dinners, so I’ll include three of our faves.  I’ve noticed that the recipes recycle every couple of weeks or so, so if you see something here that looks A-MAZE to you, you’re likely to be able to order and try it yourself!

Italian Breaded Chicken Breast + Caprese Salad

This meal is one of my personal faves.  The seasoning on the Caprese salad is perfection and, quite surprising considering it sat in my fridge for a couple of days.  My only complaint would be that the breading on the chicken was slightly soggy after I nuked it.  Other than that, delish!

We've been eating Metabolic Meals for 7 weeks (and counting). Here's an update!

Teriyaki GrassFed Beef + Broccoli

The hubs has been vibin’ on all of the asian-style meals.  If that guy could order Chinese take-out every night of the week, he would.  Anyway – I also got this Teriyaki feast and it was SO, SO good.  I’m a sucker for Teriyaki – probably because it’s sweet and satisfies my naughty brain.  But, um…yeah.  This was delicious.  And, the broccoli is so fresh!  You would think that a prepared meal (even though freshly prepared and not frozen) would make the food get kind of gross, the more days it sits in your fridge.  But, Metabolic Meals puts an expiration date on each meal and it seems to be right on the money.

We've been eating Metabolic Meals for 7 weeks (and counting). Here's an update!

Southwest Chicken Fajitas

Oh, man.  These Fajitas are goooooood.  We’ve had the steak ones too, and they are just as awesome (if not a tad better).  Again, the tortilla on the bottom was slightly soggy – I’m talking very slight and not at all enough to make the meal suck.  But, it’s worth mentioning.  And, I think someone else might have mentioned it officially because the delivery yesterday had the tortillas on the side in their own container.  I’ll let you know how they turn out!

We've been eating Metabolic Meals for 7 weeks (and counting). Here's an update!

I can’t exclude the Barbecue Meatballs they make, which are so, so good and make me want to eat 1000 of them.  And, their fingerling parm potatoes (which come as a side every now and then) are insane good.  I don’t have pics though because we live in an 1815 house, that is pretty much a dungeon at night.  The lighting is horrific so it’s tough to get good pics that represent the scrumdiddlyumptious meals we are feasting upon!


Well, they can’t all be perfect, can they?  We’ve had a couple of meals we weren’t thrilled with and probably wouldn’t order again. To be fair, they weren’t total train wrecks or anything, they were just kind of bland and left us feeling hungry.  And, as I sit here and type, I can’t for the life of me remember which exact meals they were.  I can remember sitting at the table across from a dashingly handsome scientist discussing it, but I can’t remember the actual food.  OMG, worst review ever!!!

I can tell you that any meal that comes with string beans is not awesome.  To be fair, I don’t really like string beans, so I’m not sure I’m the bestest judge, but the hubby has agreed that string bean meals are less than desirable when it comes to flavor.


OMG, yes!  I’m practically the same size I was at birth.

Truthfully, it’s hard to tell what is what when it comes to my bod these days.  I was on a serious workout and healthy eating kick and then got sick (like every week for almost 2 months I was sick with something completely debilitating).  During the plague, I either under ate (and lost weight) or overate (let’s just say I’ve had more than my share of chocolate chip cookies in a mug this last month).

But, here’s what’s interesting:  I’ve noticed I don’t feel as bloated as I usually do…and, I feel less flabby (ew) then I did before.  It could be a combination of all the weirdness.  But, it’s worth mentioning. It’s also worth mentioning that for the most part (except for when I’m a ravenous bear) I eat pretty healthy and clean and I have a lunatic three year old who never, ever lets me be still.


In it to win it.  Still placing orders and still reaping the benefits of healthy meal delivery (seriously, the most convenient thing ever, and well the obvious – healthy).  Let me know if you hook yourself up!  There isn’t a monthly commitment, so you can literally try it for a week and if you don’t like it, avoid a very messy breakup.

Oh, and if you use my link you get 2 FREE meals, plus FREE shipping on your first meal (shipping alone is like $20 bucks and if you add on the 2 free meals it’s a boat load of save).  Get it now! 



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