Check out my review of Project Juice & try your own detox cleanse!I received this product at no cost in exchange for an honest review.  This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. See full disclaimers here.

Yey!  It’s time for juice!

You have no idea how badly I need a detox cleanse.  My immune system hates me this year.  I’m just now recovering from my sixth (SIXTH) cold since Christmas and because I’ve been sick for 9,000 years straight I haven’t been my healthiest self.  Let’s just say I’ve had more than my share of cheat days most recently.  And, I turned 40 last week and I ate cake for dinner in protest. So, there’s that.

But, like any discretion, there is a silver lining.  And, that my friends, is my new Mantra:  Be healthy.  Be kind to my body.  Believe the skinny mirrors.  Eat the cookie.  It’s all about balance.  I feel like my best self when I’m eating clean, working out daily and being kind to my soul.  And, I seriously love cookies, and donuts and other sweet treats.  So, I’m going to eat them.  But, I’m going to eat them in moderation and not in the style of a ravenous bear arising from hibernation.

Okay, let’s talk juicy juice.


You may remember my post last week about these guys (and the awesome deal they have going on right now on the Rejuvenation Cleanse!), but just in case you missed it, Project Juice works with local, certified organic farms to create delicious, nutrient dense cold-pressed juices and juice cleanses delivered directly to your doorstep.  You can buy products directly online based upon what you need at the time or you can subscribe based upon your customized needs! [otw_shortcode_button href=”http://www.pntrac.com/t/SENIS0tMR01DR0hMS01LQ0dKTEZKSQ” size=”tiny” icon_position=”left” shape=”square” color_class=”otw-pink” target=”_blank”] Subscribe [/otw_shortcode_button] 

Check out my review of Project Juice & try your own detox cleanse!

Other awesomes:

  • All juices are organic and cold pressed, yielding 4x more nutrients and creating yummier juice!
  • They don’t leave ya’ hangin’ – once you make a purchase they send you a series of emails to keep you informed on the cleansing process (what you should eat, what you should expect, how to cleanse, etc.)
  • FREE overnight nationwide shipping!
  • Locals (So-Cal residents) can get up to 20% off at checkout based upon delivery method chosen


Well, there are a ton of toxicities in the world (especially in our food – like additives, pesticides, hormones, etc.).  And, even if you’re eating clean, you might end up feeling imbalanced, bloaty and just plain, blah.  All, great reasons to cleanse your body from the yuck and reclaim your good, healthy energy levels.

I’m also a firm believer in mind over matter.  And, when I’m doing something healthy for my body it creates an entire reset that propels me into better nutrition, more exercise and even greater confidence.  When all those things are aligned, I’m pretty much a superhero – being my best self and being a better wife, mama, daughter, friend, etc.


The awesome peeps over at Project Juice sent me a custom, 1-day cleanse to try, so I decided to have a little tasting party yesterday (which basically consisted of myself and my hubby trying all the juices and trying not to fight over who gets to drink the awesomest stuff).Check out my review of Project Juice & try your own detox cleanse!

My juices arrived in box filled with ice packs to keep it cold.  They have a couple of detox cleanses to choose from (Classic Reset, Seasonal Reset, Advanced Reset and Build Your Own Juice Cleanse). And, you can choose a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 day cleanse.  I chose the DIY version because I’m a total rebel and also because I’m a total chicken and wanted the opportunity to taste the juice before committing to a full on, 3-day cleanse.

Check out my review of Project Juice & try your own detox cleanse!

When building my cleanse, I followed the rules by choosing 2 Greens (Green Ginger & Potion 10), 1 citrus (Black Magic), 2 blends (Beta Bomb & D-TOX) and 1 Mylks & Shakes (Get Up & Go-Go).   I also chose the Detox Duo shot pair to round out the par-tay.  If I would have purchased this myself, his particular selection would have cost right around $85 bucks ($12.50 / juice and $5 bucks per shot).


As mentioned above, Project Juice sends along instructions for your detox cleanse.  And, even though I wasn’t performing a proper detox cleanse, I did try to follow the format and taste (and in some cases devour) the juice ever two hours (starting with a shot at 7am, first juice at 8am, 2nd at 10 and so forth) until all bottles were empty.

Check out my review of Project Juice & try your own detox cleanse!

The tasting started at 7am sharp and at around 7:01 I realized how horribly novice I was at this juicing thing.  Instead of taking the shot like an…um, shot – I started off with a mini sip which took me straight out of the game. Hello Cayenne!  The Liver Flush is “largely responsible for removing toxins from your blood.  Your liver is often taxed by modern (processed”) diets and environmental pollutants”.  Well, my liver lost out on that one, but my hubby’s reaped all the benefits.  I’d definitely just go for it next time around on this one.

Next up was my first Green Juice – the absolutely delicious D-TOX.  Made up of Pineapple, Young Coconut Water, Mint, Green Apple, and Chlorophyll Water, D-TOX fights inflammation, hydrates and balances electrolytes, stimulates digestion, provides minerals and antioxidants, and is oxygen rich for an instant energy boost (thanks Chlorphyll!).  I could drink this juice every morning, and may just start doing that.

Check out my review of Project Juice & try your own detox cleanse!

At around 10am, it was time for a blend and I was excited to try the most vibrant looking juice in the pack.  BETA BOMB fights inflammation and aids in digestion, improves pH levels, hydrates skin and repairs cell damage, purifies the blood and boosts immune function , stimulates metabolism, decreases inflammation, flushes toxins, controls blood sugar levels and supports healthy insulin responses.

This juice is made up of Orange, Carrot, Pineapple, Ginger, Lime, Turmeric and Cinnamon.   And, I wish I could say I loved it.  I so desperately wanted to.  BUT, I have a serious aversion to lime in my bevvys (thanks to an incident in my early 20’s that I will never, ever talk about).  Being the good sport I am, I did try to drink this one.  But, I just couldn’t get past it, which meant that POTION 10 was also taken out of the game.  The good news is that hubby tasted too, and his thoughts on the juices were nothing short of awsesome: Beta Bomb (fruity with a hint of cinnamon), POTION 10 (also sweet & fruity with hints of cucumber & lime).  He happily confiscated both juices.

Check out my review of Project Juice & try your own detox cleanse!

If you’re into earthy green drinks, GREEN GINGER (filled with Kale, Romaine, Spinach, Celry, cucumber, Green Apple, Lemon & Ginger) is for you.  It provides increased energy, liver detoxification, blood sugar stabilation, bone strengthening, vitamins and weight loss support.  You get lots of protein, iron and more in this green powerhouse.  I personally like something a bit sweeter, but the combination of these ingredients made it tolerable.  The hubs loved it.  He’s such a show-off.

BLACK MAGIC had my heart.  This witchy little juice was so refreshing and you couldn’t even taste the Cayenne. Made up with Purified Water, Lemon, Raw Agave, Cayenne, Activated Coconut Charcoal, this drinky-drank carried oxygen to my cells, provided Vitamin C, boosted my metabolism,  removed toxins and generally made my soul dance. Project Juice nailed it with this one.  Love-fest.

Check out my review of Project Juice & try your own detox cleanse!My last juice of the day wasn’t a juice at all, but rather an oh-so-yummy treat that felt like it shouldn’t be part of a cleanse, but it’s so very awesome it’s part of the cleanse!

The Mylks and Shakes are “Perfect as a meal replacement, workout recovery, or as a guilt-free indulgence.  Benefits may include fewer cravings, improved sports performance, more restful sleep, and complete satisfaction.”   I chose the GET UP AND GO-GO and it was nothing short of fabulous.  I kind of felt like this should be the first of the day given the caffeine boost, but it also kind of felt like a dessert so somehow it worked as the second to last drink of the day.

Cue…the last drink of the day – TUMMY TONIC.  Since I was an expert at this stuff by day’s end, I knew I needed to just take this like a shot.  But, I didn’t because I’m a total weirdo and almost didn’t get to drink this bad boy.  After I sniffed it, sipped it and realized how strong it was, I took the plunge and drank the shot.  It was really strong and citrusy.  Downing it quick was a must, but worth it for the benefits: “A restorative blend aimed at alleviating digestive stress and boosting overall wellbeing…a powerful combination of anti-inflammatory ingredients and powerful vegan probiotics to restore gut health.”

Boom.  Done.


Yes!  As long as I can customize it.  And, thankfully – Project Juice provides that option for picky nerds like me, so YES!  I also learned something in this process and that is that a good, cold pressed juice not only tastes amazing, but it really does give you a clean energy boost, unlike the boost you get from your morning coffee.  I could seriously see myself weaning off the a.m. caffeine and drinking a delicious juice instead because it felt THAT GOOD (I’m talkin’ to you D-TOX).


Project Juice provides a couple of options to get your juice-on:

  • Cleanses start at around $75/ day (choose from 1-5 days) -> HERE
  • Individual Juice and Chef-Crafted Soups will cost $12.50 / bottle. -> HERE
  • Individual Shots cost $5 / shot -> HERE
  • Subscriptions offer members discounted rates (up to 25% off!) for weekly cold-pressed, organic juice deliveries. Fully customizeable. Learn more -> HERE

Let me know if you hook yourself up with something awesome from Project Juice.  That’s all folks.  Yee-haw!

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