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Well, guys.  I did it.  I turned 40.  After having a very brief moment of silence for my thirties, I decided that 40 (I still can’t believe I’m saying that) is going to be my healthiest, fittest, raddest year yet.  My hubby kicked off my birthday week with a secret mission to the SPA and after a little Reiki centering, a mani and pedi, I’m ready to make 40 be like…“girl?  You’re practically 20”.

I am patiently awaiting the arrival of my very own Project Juice cleanse (on it’s way to me as we speak – Update! Review available HERE), but in the meantime I wanted to share this awesome deal they’ve got goin’ on RIGHT NOW.  I’ll be posting my official review and personal experience with one of their cleanses next week, so stay tuned!

Okay, let’s talk juice cleanses (don’t worry cookies, I’m not giving you up completely or anything).


Project Juice works with local, certified organic farms to create delicious, nutrient dense cold-pressed juices and juice cleanses delivered directly to your doorstep.  You can buy products directly online based upon what you need at the time or you can subscribe based upon your customized needs!  Subscribe  


I, for one, have never done a juice cleanse.  I did an apple cleanse once and almost died because while it was supposed to “cleanse” my system (if you know what I’m saying) and reduce the bloat, it did the COMPLETE opposite and I cried for like three days straight.  I’m no quitter though, so I’m definitely stoked to be giving a legit juice cleanse a try (in just a few short days!).


But wait…there’s more!  I just love saying that sometimes.  No seriously though, you can cleanse with me!

Get 30% OFF + free shipping on a 3-day Rejuvenation Cleanse!  Just enter code REJUVENATE at check out using this link to get this juicy deal (see what I did there?) – > HERE (expires March 31, 2017)

Get 30% off this amazing juice cleanse from Project Juice!The Rejuvenation Cleanse is functionally designed to invigorate your system, facilitate a detox and leave you feeling refreshed! With the inclusion of delicious chef-crafted soups, this all new cleanse offers a warming twist on our signature Reset Cleanse line. In addition to the powerful cold-pressed, organic nutrition that is standard to our Reset Cleanse line, the Rejuvenation Cleanse includes detox-supporting herbs, digestion enhancing probiotics and an extra snack to keep cravings at bay. Each day of the cleanse includes: four alkalizing and nourishing cold pressed juices, two chef-crafted soups, two concentrated wellness shots, a superfood trail mix, and a cleansing tea.

Um, this sounds amazing actually.  And, everything they send you is made from USDA organic and locally-sourced fruits, veggies, spices and raw, sprouted nuts.  Yum!

Have you done a juice cleanse before?  If so, which one did you try?   Let me know in the comments below so we can trade stories!

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