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I’m having a snack attack!  But guess what?  I have all the snackities I need thanks to a seriously awesome vegan subscription box company I’m about to brag about in two seconds.  Woot!

I’m a snacker at heart.  Even when I’m at my very healthiest, I need snacks that feel totally naughty, because…survival.  And, I also need snacks that I can quickly grab from a cabinet and toss in my bag, because…crazy toddler.

So, when Vegan Cuts sent me their snack box to try, I did exactly seventeen cartwheels, bellied up to the table and got to snackin’.

You ready?


Vegan Cuts monthly subscription boxes save you time and money by delivering the best vegan snacks directly to your door each month. Snack Boxes start at $18.50 per month.  Get this Box

I'm reviewing yummy vegan snacks from Vegan Cuts!

Other awesomes:


This box came filled (and I mean, filled) with vegan snacks to try.

I'm reviewing yummy vegan snacks from Vegan Cuts!

And, it also had this handy-dandy little card that not only told you what vegan snacks were included in the box, but also showed you how to follow the brands.  Plus it had little pictures of bunnies and arrows and clovers which was the cutest ever.

I'm reviewing yummy vegan snacks from Vegan Cuts!

We opened the box and got to tasting, pretty much as we were opening the box.  First up?  These Probiotic Cauliflower Puffs from Vegan Robs.  And, let me tell you…they were insane good.  They had the look and feel of cheesepuffs, but were SO. MUCH. BETTER (and better for you!  And for the creatures!  And for the environment! And for my 3 year old!).

I'm reviewing yummy vegan snacks from Vegan Cuts!

And, then there’s these I Heart Keenwah Chocolate Puffs.  Yes.  All the yesses in the land for this sweet treat.  This is the second thing we ate out of the box (a sweet treat while we binged on LOVE – adorable little Judd Apatow Netflix series, p.s.).  Would definitely buy these again and again.

I'm reviewing yummy vegan snacks from Vegan Cuts!

We love Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars but had never tried the Strawberry.  It was just as yummy as the Raspberry figgys we usually grab.  We haven’t tried the Tasty Organic Fruit SnacksRed Plate Foods Golden Toasted Granola or Vicia Creamy Almond Butter & Cash bar, but I’m sure they will all be consumed by weeks end.

I'm reviewing yummy vegan snacks from Vegan Cuts!

I tried this Pureley Elizabeth Cranberry Pecan Granola & Puffs cereal and didn’t even have to share with anyone.  I had to hide in the closet, but this is life with a toddler.  I was not a huge fan of the texture, but as the milk made it soggier, it got better and better.  Delishimo!

I'm reviewing yummy vegan snacks from Vegan Cuts!

Our snack box also came with some vegan snacks in liquid form!  Are these even considered snacks?  I don’t know.  I just know that the Fawen Organic Sweet Potato & Lentil Drinkable Soup  was probably one of the most exciting things in the box because it was just so fun and interesting!  Drinkable soup?  This is an adventure I want in on!  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Pacific Foods Unsweetened Coconut Water is commonly found in our fridge, but this little travel version was the cutest thing ever.

I'm reviewing yummy vegan snacks from Vegan Cuts!

I feel like most subscription boxes almost always throw in a couple of teas, which is fine by me because we love tea and most of our guests like to raid our tea cabinet (yes, we have an entire cabinet devoted to teas).  Anyway, we received two blends of Choice Organic Teas, in our box – I haven’t tried the Hibiscus Heart yet, but I did delight in the Roasted Dandelion Root Detox tea during my juice cleanse and it was super yummy!

I’m pretty grossed out by olives, but hubby likes them a bunch!  These Olives to Go  are probably already in his belly.  Oh, and the huge bag of Truroots Ancient Grain Penne Pasta was a welcome surprise –  made from organic brown rice, Quinoa, Amaranth and Corn Flour (we’ve had this before and it’s really good).

I'm reviewing yummy vegan snacks from Vegan Cuts!

The last little guy in the box was this Snoozeberry Dream Water.  You’ll notice there is no pic because, I drank it before taking a pic?  It grew legs and walked away?  Accidently put it out with the recycling?  Oops!  Either way,  does the word “snoozeberry” not crack you up?  Am I the only one?


Eating vegan is not only good for our fluffiest friends, but also beneficial for your health and the environment.  There are a ton of resources out there if you’re looking to transition into a vegan lifestyle.  And, subscribing to boxes like Vegan Cuts is a great way to introduce yourself to the vegan deliciousness that’s out there waiting to meet you (seriously, I’ve found some of my most favorite vegan snacks, food and products in subscription boxes).

Vegan Cuts offers a couple of options for purchasing subscriptions:

  • Monthly:  The monthly snack box subscription costs $22.95 per month and you pay as you go.
  • Pre-Pay:  You can also pre-pay for a 3 month subscription at a cost of $66 (nets out to $22 per month), a 6 month subscription at a cost of $120 (nets out to $20 per month) or a 12 month subscription at a cost of $222, which is the best deal netting out to $18.40 per box!

The next box ships by April 18th, so sign up soon if you want in!

All in all, I loved this box!  Although I haven’t officially and fully crossed over to a 100% vegan lifestyle, much of what I put in my body is organic, clean and vegan.  Thank you Vegan Cuts for the new goodies to keep me on track!  Let me know if you hook yourself up with this box!

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