Check out my Zbox Super Heroine geek box review!This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. This box was sent to kiddoandsoul at no cost in exchange for an honest review.  See full disclaimers here.

I think someone put some super human writing juice in my coffee this morning, because I am on a blog posting tear! As you may have noticed, I’m a subscription box review writing fool this week (the Skivvie Nix underwear subscription review earlier today and the My Geek Box review on Friday!).  And, I’m JUST getting started.

Today’s (second) post is all about the Super Heroine themed ZBOX, the wonderful people over at Zavvi sent me to check out.  I figure that since this is my second geek box review in one week’s time, I’m basically an expert in the field.   It’s kind of how my husband’s PHd makes me a Doctor by default.  That’s how it works, right? I sure hope so, because I’ve been seeing patients for weeks.

But, enough about me…


The ZBOX is a monthly geek box themed around your favourite geeky interests and will include a variety of items tied to a monthly theme. Each month you will be sent a box containing over $50 worth of exclusive, licensed merchandise. Perfect as a monthly treat or a gift for your geeky friends! Subscriptions start at $21.99 per month. Get the box  Bonus!  Get $10 off your 3, 6 or 12 month subscription when you use my link and enter kiddo&soul10 at checkout!

Check out my Zbox Super Heroine geek box review!

Other awesomes:

  • T-shirt in each box, guaranteed
  • Discounts provided for longer subscription options
  • Subscriber exclusive discount codes


The theme of this month’s Zbox was Super Heroines…and, I have to say – although much of this geek culture goes WAY over my head, there couldn’t have been a better box for me.  I mean, I’m practically a superhero myself.  And, when I say “superhero” I mean, the mother of a toddler who often runs around the house with a bath towel as a cape and a frying pan as my shield.

Check out my Zbox Super Heroine geek box review!Anyway – I agree with ZBOX, that now (of all times) is the PERFECT time for a heroines theme. “Strength, courage, wisdom…”  Love, love, lovity love it.

The box came filled with super heroine geekery as well as this magazine (legit, a 22 page magazine) which provided an overview of each item included in the box and a ton of other fun features like, a look at previous “Zboxer” unboxings, an exploration into Wonder Woman’s past, a look at obscure superhoeroines and more.
Check out my Zbox Super Heroine geek box review!

My absolute favorite thing included in this box was this Bombshell Wonder Woman vinyl figure.  I honestly had no clue what it was when I first examined the container (“examine” is fancy doctor language, ps). But, when I did, the tiniest, most adorable retro 1940’s pinup inspired Wonder Woman came falling out of the container and into my heart.  She has found a home on the shelf in my office and I’m not sharing! Retails for $12.59.  Oh, and this is a blind container, so you have no clue which fab bombshell you’re going to get.  Find yours:  HERE for $12.59.

Check out my Zbox Super Heroine geek box review! Check out my Zbox Super Heroine geek box review!

As promised, the box also came with a tee featuring the same work of art found on the cover of the ZBOX Magazine.   I honestly wouldn’t have chosen this shirt for myself, but I can see where a Wonder Woman fan would be super stoked to receive it.  This Wonder Woman T-shirt is not available (I think it’s an exclusive), but you can find more tees like this, HERE.

Check out my Zbox Super Heroine geek box review! Check out my Zbox Super Heroine geek box review!

Not so much a heroine, but totally bad-ass is Ms. Catwoman.  I totally knew who she was (probably because I’m an expert in this stuff now) and thought this lil’ banner would be great for a superfan’s office or geek cave.  And, it’s purple.  I like purple, a lot.  Couldn’t find it on the merch. shop, but found this cat mug and want to marry it -> HERE for $8.18.

Check out my Zbox Super Heroine geek box review! Check out my Zbox Super Heroine geek box review!

You might not know this about me, but I’m pretty much a comic boook…excuse me, Graphic Novel expert since the my last geek box review.  This black and white version of The Mighty Captain Marvel is sure to please any graphic novel aficionado.  God, I love that word.  Don’t you just picture someone super cool sitting in a leather armchair smoking a cigar?  It might be me. Find more Graphic Novels:  HERE

Check out my Zbox Super Heroine geek box review!


ZBox comes in three subscription options:

  • 3 Month plan for $21.99 per month
  • 6 Month plan for $20.99 per month
  • 12 Month plan for $19.99 per month

If you order using my link-> Get the box , you can enter coupon code kiddo&soul10 to get $10 bucks off your 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. Yippee!


I liked it!  Again, not necessarily my genre, but I found a few things in this box, that even I thought were awesome – which says a lot for the Zbox!  Let me know if you subscribe to this box, if you’re going to subscribe to this box…or, if you would like an autograph from a real live Doctor 🙂

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