Foodstirs baking kits are magical!

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Can we please take four seconds to talk about how insane this picture is?  I mean, it looks so delicious I can barely contain myself!   I see all of the food groups in this dish – Rainbows…sprinkles…frosting…OMG.  I’m losing it over here.

The Celebration Rainbow Pancake Kit includes all the organic mixes, chemical-free dyes and supplies you need to make colorful rainbow pancakes.   You can grab the kit here for $17.99.

Foodstirs baking kits are magical!

Foodstirs does a great job of sending pretty much everything you need to create the deliciousness that resides inside their organic baking kits.  And, also…I should totally be eating these right now and am so incredibly jealous that the fork pictured below is not making it’s way to the spot on my face that excels at eating yummy stuff.

Foodstirs baking kits are magical!

Don’t you just feel like you could do anything if you ate these pancakes?  Create fabulous art…rescue lost puppies…dance with unicorns.


In case you haven’t already met this fabulous brand: Foodstirs are here to “stir up” and re-imagine the home baking experience. Their modern baking kits and mixes are made from clean, GMO-free, ethically sourced ingredients, that inspire friends and family to get in the kitchen to start baking memories!  Subscriptions start at $19.99 per month. [otw_shortcode_button href=”” size=”tiny” icon_position=”left” shape=”radius” color_class=”otw-pink” target=”_blank”]Get the box[/otw_shortcode_button]

You might recall I posted about Foodstirs about a month ago and shared our little baking adventure with one of their adorable baking kits.  We have a second review coming in a couple of days so stay tuned!

In the meantime, let me know if you make these magical pancakes!  And, I’m pretty sure if you make them you should do it in my kitchen…and, then feed them to me.


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