Happy Friday!  And, Happy Father’s Day weekend!  For Mother’s Day I issued a bunch of apologies to the Moms of the World.  But this week, I’ve been sitting here thinking about dads and stuff.

I’ve been thinking about my Dad, who had an infectious smile and laugh.  Who would carefully explain the simpliest things to me as if I was 4 even in my 2o’s.  Who cheated at gin and laughed hysterically when I caught him – I still can’t believe he tried to cheat his own daughter out of a card game.  Who had tons of flaws but was also super hilarious and loving and always wished he was a better Dad.  Oh, how I miss him

Then there’s my Step Dad, who literally stepped right in and became another “Dad” and did it in all the right ways – super patient (despite me being a 15 year old crazy person when we met), super supportive (through all the financial flops in my early 20’s) and super proud (always sharing my successes with the people he comingles with in life).

And, lucky me…I met and married a guy who would become super dad to our daughter.  And, when I say super dad, I mean SUPER dad. But, it’s not just in the ways you would think.  Sure, he has changed a bazillion diapers, and is loving and sweet and would give up any personal time he has to spend it with her (and us).  But, there are so many more reasons he is an awesome Dad and the perfect role model for our sweet pea.  And, also he’s a total goof  ball like me as represented in these pics (sorry not sorry babe!) – which is obviously the icing on the cake.

He Runs Towards Burning Cars.  No seriously.  On two separate occasions now I’ve seen him literally run towards really, really horrific car accidents to help without even blinking- a vehicle engolfed in flames on the highway to ensure there was no one stuck inside; and just a couple of weeks ago towards four different cars in a pile up that happened right outside our house.  I’m pretty sure I was screaming something like what the (insert F word here) are you doing you maniac? but he totally blocked me out and ran towards the action anyway.  He then proceeded to direct traffic to ensure no other vehicles would be thrown up on our sidewalk.  I mean, of course he would.

He Fixes EVERYTHING. I can’t remember the last time I had to fix a thing.  I mean, there’s a chance I never really fixed much of anything on my own in life, but let’s just pretend (for purposes of this post), that I was like a super awesome fixer girl before I met him.  Well, I don’t ever have to use those powers.  He can fix a car, an electrical issue, a broken toy, build an entire house if he felt like it, handle all the landscaping, repair the rotted wood siding on our 1800’s house, set up an audio system, network your computers, fix your bike, build all the toys at Christmas, sew a shirt…literally, anything.  He’s the guy that has never touched an electrical box, but read a thing online for 5 seconds and now your house is wired by a single remote and your coffee makes itself in the morning. Speaking of coffee…

He does the dishes and makes the coffee.  Okay, so I know there are a lot of guys out there that do the dishes.  Mine does them every single morning, and every single night before bed so that I don’t have to worry about them in my day.  He also makes me coffee every single morning (well except Saturdays and Sundays because I mean, I guess I have to pull my weight too) and even pulls out a mug for me and sets it in the same spot each morning.  He hates my mug collection, but always manages to pull out my fave and never pulls the same mug twice in a month because he knows that would annoy me. Which leads me to the next one.

He takes the lead (by letting me take the lead). Well, guys.  This might surprise you but I might be a little bit of a control freak.  I can admit that.  Sometimes it’s a very good thing.  And, sometimes it’s probably a very, very obnoxious thing.  But, my hubs lets me sit in the driver’s seat much of the time and steps in to remind me I’m about to hit a tree just before I hit that tree.

He embraces my weird.  Oh, sweet Jesus I have some quirks.  This guy breaks out into histercal laughter with me when I do something totally dumb, like spill an entire bowl of cereal all over myself because…why?  no one knows.  Things like this just happen.  And, he knows that if he sees my eyes do that glazing over thing I’ve completely checked out of the conversation and can’t physically receive any more information or my head will explode.  He laughs it off because…it’s me.  And, he’s cool with me as I am (even though I put the toilet paper on the roll the wrong way every.single.time…by accident).

He’s a rock.  He’s there.  Always.  Sometimes in this annoyingly quiet way that makes me say things like, “why aren’t you giving me any advice” (when he’s legit just trying to be a good listener) or “can’t you just be a good listener (when he legit is trying to offer me good advice). Poor guy will never, ever get it right in those situations, but he’s there.  He doesn’t walk away.  He doesn’t trail off and pretend he’s there but really he’s thinking about boobs or something (well, maybe he’s thinking about boobs)…but, he sticks it out.  And, that’s what matters in the end.

He’s a total show-off, he can pack an entire house in to the entire trunk of a car and still have room for all of the random stuff I pack that has no business being on a road trip.  He makes friends for life, and would literally lay over train tracks and sacrifice himself if it meant saving them.  Not to be dramatic about it, but it’s true. He would totally do that.

It’s all of these things and more that makes him an incredible dad to this growing little girl who’s future decisions about men and life are being molded as we speak. How lucky is she to have such an amazing role model to guide her on her path.  And, how lucky are we to have this giant lego loving, star wars t-shirt wearing, total nerd in our lives. He’s the bestest.

Happy Father’s Day babe!  Thanks for always sharing your food with me and never leaving me to panic about not receiving my share.  And, for all the other stuff. Especially for that 🙂

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