There is something about warmer weather and sunshine that makes me want to eat healthier!  Maybe It’s the fact that I have to bare my arms and other limbs to the world, so my body instinctually wants to not look like a bear coming out of hibernation?  Either way, the sight of veggies, and green stuff, fruit and grill marks gets me all giddy inside.  So does organic meal delivery.

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I am new to the Sun Basket brand, and totally excited to try out a new organic meal delivery service with so many options! Sun Basket sends organic and non-GMO ingredients & delicious recipes weekly. Subscriptions start at $11.99 per meal. Get $35 Off using this link

Organic Meal Delivery for the Whole Fam

Other Awesomes:

  • Premeasured Ingredients are organic and non-GMO!
  • Sustainably sourced proteins (that means, no hormones or antibiotics baby!)
  • Meal Plans available:  Carb Conscience, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Lean & Clean, Vegetarian, Mediterranian, Vegan, Pescatarian, Diabetes Friendly, and Quick & Easy
  • They also offer 5 minute salads!
  • Recipes are easy and convenient!
  • Mix and Match from 18 recipes no matter your meal plan!
  • Meal plans are Nutritionist-approved and developed by award-winning Chef Justine Kelly!
  • Packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable!
  • Skip or cancel any time!


When you order Sun Basket, you choose from two options available:  Classic  Menu  or the Family Menu (selecting 2, 3 or 4 recipes per week).  The average price per serving is $11.99. We tried meals from the Family Menu (because, well…we are a fam) and I was stoked to get some organic meal delivery that covered all of us, not just me and the hubs.

Organic Meal Delivery for the Whole Fam

Our first meal was the Mojo-marinated  carne asada fajitas with lime yogurt.  This.  Was.  Insane.  Insane good.  I can’t express enough how delicious this meal was.  We would order it over and over and it was super easy to make too.

Everything arrives in a huge box with ice packs and insulator thingy’s and each meal is in its own little brown bag.  I totally love this, because it makes it super easy to know what belongs with what.  You don’t have to waste one second of time trying to figure out which radish goes with which recipe.  Love it.  And speaking of radishes…thanks to this little delivery I tried radishes for the first time ever in my whole life (and they were yummy)!

Organic Meal Delivery for the Whole Fam

Ingredients.  We received all of the pre-measured ingredients, each affixed with an adorable little label so you never have to guess about what’s what (especially if there are ingredients that are not familiar to you!).  And, I love that you don’t have to take the time to figure out the measurements.  Have you seen me cut a pepper?  It’s not pretty.  I waste so much of it, because I’m too lazy to look up a youtube video and learn how to do it the right way. The other great thing is that you don’t have to use much of anything from your own pantry.  For both recipes, I needed sea salt and pepper and for one I needed olive oil.  Literally, that’s all.

Organic Meal Delivery for the Whole Fam

Prep Time.  I have to be honest, when the recipe booklet said 20-30 minutes total time from prep to in my tummy I didn’t really believe it. I feel like recipes always say “quick and easy” and in fact are not quick and way too laborious for people like me who’s best-cooked meal is a bowl of cereal.

BUT, I was so pleasantly surprised at how fast it all went…and that was with me taking pics along the way to document for this post.  I feel like it was definitely right around the 20-minute mark if it was just a normal night of cooking before the hubs got home. All I had to do was open up the meat, stick it in a bowl, pour in the marinade and let it set for like, 10 minutes.  I chopped up the lettuce, and put the tortillas on a damp dishtowel and stuck em’ in the oven to warm.

Organic Meal Delivery for the Whole Fam

The rest of the “prep” if you can even call it that was a piece of cake (oh…cake).  I liked zesting the lime the mostest.  And, OMG, this Lime yogurt was perfection.  Literally just some yogurt, lime juice and zesting. And, um…how fun was it to put all of the ingredients in these colorful bowls?  My three year old helped with that part (in between running in and outside playing with rocks and her water table, so I guess it’s a good thing we were only serving our family of three).

Choose your own adventure.  We like to live on the edge, so we improvised a bit when it came to the meat. Although the instructions were incredibly simple to follow (even with a wack-a-doodle toddler running amok and totally novice chef like myself) the hubs really wanted to grill the meat, so he made some boy-scout-esque apparatus and cooked it that way instead of on the stove as per the recipe.

Organic Meal Delivery for the Whole Fam

We then ate it outside and pretended we were on vacay. My portion was on the daintier side (pictured at the top of the post), while the hubby really packed on the toppings (pictured below).  Our sweet pea put her hands in all the bowls but had zero interest in dinner that night, but if she would have been on her A game, this would have been great for her.  Either way, it was the perfect end to the perfect Saturday!

Organic Meal Delivery for the Whole Fam

The second meal we made was the Summer vegetable panani with mozzarella and arugula pesto. With such a delish first meal under our belts, we wondered if the second would be as yummy and quick to pull together.  Spoiler.  It was.

Ingredients. All of the ingredients are seasonal, which makes it nice if you’re into trying new things that only come out when the snow falls or the sun shines.  This recipe came with all the basics, fresh Mozzarella, some Summer squash and a delicious arugula pesto.

Organic Meal Delivery for the Whole Fam

Organic Meal Delivery. As a certified organic service,  they hold the environment and all the fluffy creatures in the land with the highest regard –Sun Basket works with the country’s best farms, ranchers, and fishermen.   I like that.  I like it a lot.

Like all Sun Basket meals, we received a cute little (labeled) brown bag filled with everything needed to make the dish for our family of three. And, we saved all the little containers from both meals for pouring and sensory play for the kiddo!  Boom.  We’re awesome.

Organic Meal Delivery for the Whole Fam

This was another incredible meal, easy to prep – even with the pitter patter of little feet running about the kitchen.

First, I cut and sautéed the summer squash.  Then, I prepped and cooked the garlic and the greens. While I was doing that I had the sun-dried tomatoes soaking in hot water (a trick I never knew before then and will totes use again)! After I got everything prepped (maybe 15-20 minutes tops, and that includes getting someone a drink, fixing a toy and cleaning up a spill on aisle two) I layered the fresh mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes over the greens, folded the flatbreads in half and stuck em’ in the pan to get them nice and toasty.

Organic Meal Delivery for the Whole Fam

There were some good tips for making an even awesomer panini on the grill or with a press, but I stuck with the pan, a lid and flipped it fifty-two thousand times until it was lightly browned on either side and super gooey on the inside.

While that was happening, I made the side, which literally consisted of me pouring the arugula pesto inside a bowl with the sautéed squash and calling it done.

Organic Meal Delivery for the Whole Fam

Our little bug enjoyed this meal right along with us – and loved it just the same.  I love that the Family Style meals are made with kids in mind.  This felt like a super fun grilled cheese sammy, but was packed with fresh mozzarella and tons of greens, which are virtually impossible to get into my toddler’s belly most of the time.  Not this time though: )


We loved Sun Basket so much we are considering ordering it on a weekly basis.  When it comes to organic meal delivery these guys definitely exceeded our expectations in quality, price, and flavor.  Let me know if you’ve tried Sun Basket, if you order on the regular or if there is another service you swear by.  Yippee!!



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