Here's 5 quick workouts for busy mamas like me (legs version)So, I totally want to pretend I’m one of those supermom’s that by 4 am, have worked out, read a book, prepared dinners and lunches (for the week), finished the laundry and come out completely groomed, lookin’ like I have my own glam squad.

Buuuuuut, I’m so not that Mom.  I’m the Mom that wakes up at 5 am, hits snooze, rolls out of bed at maybe 5:45, maybe takes a shower, hair on top of head, leggings, workout tank, somehow makes it downstairs to grab a cup of coffee with my eyes closed because I’m still sleeping, starts work, commences parenting duties and at some point, between never sitting down because I have a three year old, gets my work out in.  A quick workout.

I’ve got 30 minutes tops, and that’s pushing it.    Sure, I could workout at 7pm when my daughter goes to bed.  But guess what?  I’m not doing that.  I’m plopping my exhausted ass down on the couch, eating dinner on the couch, catching up with my hubby, hanging with my hubby, watching maybe 1 show and then crashing for the night.

This is the truth for me…and I KNOW it’s the truth for a lot of other busy mamas like me!  So, I thought it would be fun to share my top 5 quick workouts for your legs, each with easy access on YouTube.  If you want to follow along, I’ll be sharing the rest of my fave quick workouts over the next couple of weeks!

If they’re really short, I pair them with something else (quick, obvs) like arms, upper bod, abs, Pilates, a quick HIIT, you get the gist.  Oh, I also do the Betty Rocker Workouts when I know I’ve got a full 45 minutes.

The best part of these workouts in my opinion, is that you feel like you exercised and you can do them every single day even on your “rest” days (wait, is there such a thing?).  And, I mean I’m always going (for like, hours and don’t sit much), so I feel like it pairs well with “Toddler Mama Life”.  At least for now.

Ready?  Grab your water bottle.


1.  25-Minute Calorie-Crushing Cardio and Legs Workout | Class FitSugar:  I love the FitSugar work outs. Anna Renderer is awesome and this one is GREAT!  It’s just under 30 minutes (including warm up and cool down).

2. Leg Slimming PIIT Workout | Blogilates:  I do a lot of the Blogilates workouts, I do the squat challenges every day in addition to my regular workout.  This one is one of my faves for lower body.  And, it’s a super quick workout at just under 10 minutes.  Grab your bootie shorts and get ready to feel some serious pain!

3. 30 Day Fat Burn:  Legs and Butt Shaper Workout | Astrid Mcguire.  I like Astrid (yes, we’re totally on a first name basis).  Something about her makes the workout feel easy even though it’s so not easy . Ten minutes.  That’s it.

 4. Leg Slimming Summer Sizzling Step Workout | Real Fit TV:  Okay, so this work out is like an hour long.  But, if you’re short on time, you can always do it in bursts (just make sure you watch it first so you can get both legs done in your shorter workout – you might need to stop + skip parts). This one feels like you’re auditioning for a music video while also secretly exercising.  Wait…do the kids still do music vids these days?  I don’t know.  I don’t have cable.  And, also I’m practically a Granny because I just said do the kids and these days in the same sentence.

5. Hip Hop Tabata Dance Workout with @KeairaLaShae | Super Hero Fitness TV:  Gurl. This.  Is. HARD.  I love Tabata for a quick burn (that lasts like, all day long).  This vid is just under 30 minutes.  You’re gonna bootie shake and squat yourself into beyonce.  Passing out, optional. Werk.

Let me know if you try any of these workouts and if you love them as much as I do when a quickie workout is needed.  And, also if you want to be the nicest in the land and share the quick workouts you’re obsessed with my glutes (and skinny jeans) would be forever grateful 🙂

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