Happiest Monday!  This weekend was BUSY = lots of work, food planning, prepping and maybe some eating.  We also got to see a brand spankin’ new little baby and she was perfect.

Our perfect little baby (the one that’s three year’s old and suddenly acting like an adult) is still giving us a run for our money in the sleeping department.  Dear god, please say this phase ends soon because we are deadsville over here.  The point (I promise there is one) is that while I was lying in bed wide awake at 2am, I was thinking about organizing and stuff.  Because, naturally, that’s what people do in the wee hours of the night.  And, THAT got me thinking about all of the things I’d love to do to make our home greener.  And, guys…I’m sad to say it’s a lot.

While we are conscious about many things, we are not doing our very bestest to help preserve this lovely environment we live in.  For example, we have two kittens who poop more than a newborn and I’m finding myself in a plastic nightmare.   So, I’m making a pact to myself, my family and the world (I sorta envisioned myself saying that like a super-hero, so just go with it) to start working towards green-ifying our house (starting with ordering some biodegradable baggies for the kitty poops).

Boxities like Ecocentric Mom are going to be my savior for discovering new eco-friendly products to accomplish this mission!

Oh, and P.S. they’re giving away somethin’ awesome to peeps like YOU (keep reading to enter for your chance to win!)

This product was received for free in exchange for my honest opinion. This giveaway is over.


Ecocentric Mom is a subscription box inspired by green living. Each month they deliver thoughtfully curated boxes designed to help busy moms discover safe (and fun!) eco-friendly products for themselves and their babies up to age two.  Subscriptions start at $24.99.  Get the box Bonus!  Enter Kiddo10 to get 10% off sitewide!  Expires 8/31/17. 

Eco-friendly products from Ecocentric Mom!

Other Awesomes:

  • Free US Shipping (Ships to Canada also for additional shipping fee)!
  • At least $40 retail value in each box!
  • Online shop to purchase products!
  • Points program lets you shop the brands & products you love!


The box came themed (this month was “Baby Bathtime”) with green items for me and my little lady. I was super stoked to receive it, not only because I’ve heard awesome thangs, but because I should totally be incorporating more eco-friendly products in my life.

Eco-friendly products from Ecocentric Mom!

There was a handy-dandy lil’ card letting me know what I received in my box of goodness.   I always like when subscription boxes include these info cards, so its easy to navigate what’s what.

Eco-friendly products from Ecocentric Mom!

And, yey!  I received pretty much everything we need for an in-home spa sesh:

For sponging…Baby Buddy Natural Bath Sponge (Retail $10 bucks).  When I first saw this spongy little sponge I totally thought it was going to be more like a loofah sorta thing.  BUT, it’s super soft and squishy and will be awesome for our little lady’s next shower (yes, in addition to every other grown up thing a toddler can do all at once – potty, dropping naps, ditching the crib,…she’s now showering).  Biodegradable, Hypoallergenic, Sea Spongy.  Loved it.

Eco-friendly products from Ecocentric Mom!

For calming…Bee Maternal Organics Calming Spray No. 7 (Retail $15 bucks).  This spray stimulates your limbic system and is said to calm, center and provide balance to your conscious mind.  

Eco-friendly products from Ecocentric Mom!

Guys, is it weird that this stuff is almost gone?  With a child who’s new motto is “naps?  Who needs naps” (but also totally needs a nap because she never ever sleeps at night) this mama needs some calm, centering, balance.  I like it in spray format because I have no energy to find it elsewhere. And I also like spraying stuff.

Eco-friendly products from Ecocentric Mom!

For energy…Organic Living Superfoods Chia Squares (Retail $4 bucks).

Eco-friendly products from Ecocentric Mom!

Sad news friends.  This was gross (well, to me and my daughter.  Apparently my hubby thought it was delicious, so yey!).

Eco-friendly products from Ecocentric Mom!

I was actually super stoked to try it, and so was my daughter, but don’t let this pic fool you.  Legit spit it out seconds after tasting it.

Eco-friendly products from Ecocentric Mom!

And, I was all like “seriously, let’s not be so dramatic”, but then in my best dramatic interpretation of my child, tasted and consequently did the exact same thing.  Can’t win em’ all.

Eco-friendly products from Ecocentric Mom!

For watering ourselves…Plui Rainball (Retail $14 bucks).  I saw this way back when my little bug was a teeny tiny newbie, and totally wanted to get it.  But, she was too little, and then I forgot and well, know it’s in my possession and it’s like the world knew we needed this in our lives.  She’s obsessed with it, naturally and well, I am too because it’s basically rain in a ball.

Eco-friendly products from Ecocentric Mom!

For itchy stuff…Natralia Happy Little Bodies Eczema Cream (Retail $15 bucks).  We don’t have eczema, but so many little ones (and grown ups) do!

Eco-friendly products from Ecocentric Mom!

Natralia offers a steroid-free alternative to relieve your child’s itchy, uncomfortable eczema rashes. Love it.  And, although we won’t be using it, I’ll gladly pass this on to a friend in need 🙂

Eco-friendly products from Ecocentric Mom!

For moisturizing…Gaffer & Child Hydrating Syrum ($34 bucks).  If you’ve been keeping up, I use an AMAZING all essential oil serum on my face and it has been absolutely miraculous for my rosacea.  And, although I’m so in love with it (only 5 ingredients, $20 bucks), I’m willing to test this stuff out on other body parts. It’s high in lycopene, tomato extract helps repair sun damage, while argan oil’s high concentration of vitamin E keeps skin supple and guards against wrinkles.  And bonus, purchase sales (at least a portion of them) go to PETA.  The smell alone is incredible.  Lavender for days.  I really need a spa day.  Is there a spa day in this box?

Eco-friendly products from Ecocentric Mom!

Oh, and there were these sample sized Shea Moisture Raw Shea, Chamomile & Argon Oil Baby Wash & Shampoo packs too.  I like this brand, but haven’t tried this particular model so I’m glad to have these little packities!

Eco-friendly products from Ecocentric Mom!


A  monthly box will run you $24.99.  If you go for longer subscriptions, you pay upfront, but you get a discount -a 3 month subscription nets out to $24.50 per month, a 6 month subscription nets out to $23.50 and a 12 month subscription nets out to around $22 bucks per month.

Seriously?  Twenty two dollars for a box filled with over $40 bucks worth of really useful (fun & pampering) eco-friendly products.  And, remember shipping is free in the US (available at an extra shipping cost for all my Canadian loves)!

If you want to grab this box, you can do it here with my coupon code: Just enter Kiddo10 to get 10% off sitewide!  Expires 8/31/17.    Get the box


Totes.  I love that these products have the environment, our health and the lovely little creatures of the world in mind.  It makes me feel good knowing I’m using eco-friendly products in my home, on my body and for my little peanut butta.

Eco-friendly products from Ecocentric Mom!


This giveaway is over.  Congrats to Nadine L from Raleigh, NC!  She’s the lucky winner of the 2 month Ecocentric Mom Subscription, valued at $50 bucks! 

But that’s not all my eco-friendly friendships!  Ecocentric Mom is giving one lucky kiddoandsoul reader a 2-month subscription to their fabulous box!*  The retail value is around $50 bucks, but you know you’re getting WAY more than that in those two boxes.  All you’ve gotta do is enter below and cross your fingers.  Can’t wait to see who the winner is!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What’s your go to eco-friendly product?  Is it for your skin, your home or your pets?  Seriously, I could use some help and welcome any recommendations you have.

Okay, bye!

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  Giveaway ends 11:59 p.m. ET on 8/13/17. Winner will be announced on or about 8/14/17.  Open to legal residents of 50 US & DC, 18 years of age or older.  Subject to official rules available at jenny at kiddoandsoul dot com.  Void where prohibited. SPONSORSHIP. This giveaway is hosted by kiddoandsoul and sponsored by Ecocentric Mom whose decisions are final and binding in all matters relating to this giveaway.  Subject to all federal, state and local laws and regulations.

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