Duuuuude.  I’m pretty stoked about this lil’ recipe hack I came up with of late.  Not only because it’s insane good, but because it saves insane amounts of time.  We are desperately trying to get back on the healthy train, and proper meal prep is out for us right now (wah, wahhhhh).  We legit, just don’t have time (as evidenced by the pic above, which was taken with an iphone in 2 seconds, because…no time – I’ll update with a better one soon).

So, recently, I went on a mad pinterest hunt to find delicious, healthy receipes that (a) didn’t take 9 million years to make; (b) didn’t involve a ton of prep; and (c) were good for our bods.  And, something totes fun happened.  I started finding amazing recipes and “hacking” them so that they were like, the easiest in the land to make.

Some disclaimers:  I’m not a chef (far from it – remember, I can’t even operate a grill and can just barely operate a microwave).  And, because it’s a hack, it may not be as clean or as healthy as the original, so we’re only rocking hacks on nights when we would otherwise throw a frozen pizza in the oven (trading that for something better for us).



Let me start by saying the original recipe looks so good.  And, it’s not like it’s that much prep, but when you legit have about 15 minutes to make it happen, I need exactly 15 minutes.  No more, no less…no waiting 10 years for rice to cook up the proper way.

Here’s whatcha’ need:
  • A bunch of chicken breasts (pre-grilled).  This is important.  Although we can’t food prep the proper way right now, we do prep some of the stuff we need for the week (like chicken).  We marinate them first in a low sodium Lemon Pepper Marinade (which probably removes the “Cali” portion from this recipe title).  You can probs make your own marinade just as easy – may tack on a few extra minutes or so, but you’ll have better control of the ingredients.
  • Microwave Rice.  The stuff that is dunzo in 90 seconds.  We use an organic, brown basmati.
  • Guac.  You can make your own, buy it at the store or just use a fresh avocodo.  We’ve done both, but avocados are completely unpredicatable (surpise, I seem like an awesome avocado, but I’m totally gross and brown inside), so we always have some guacamole single serves in the fridge.
  • Cherry Tomatos.  Easy, peasy.
  • Zuccinni – Well, we keep making it without, because we keep forgetting to throw the zuccini on the grill with the chicken.  But, grilling some zuccini or even buying a frozen bag of the pre-grilled organic stuff is simple enough.
  • Roasted Red Peppers.  Again, easy enough to throw on the grill.  Easier, to buy a jar of low sodium, minimum ingredient roasted peppers and plop those bad boys in the dish.
  • Gorganzola Cheese.  OMG.  This makes the dish
Here’s whatcha do:

Grab pre-grilled chicken, microwave rice and literally throw it all in a bowl

Prep Time:

15 minutes or less.  Boom done. Hacked.

I’m hungry.

Let me know if you’re hacking any recipes or if you have better ideas (or add ons or exciting yummy versions of this one)!

Sorry for the lack of photos.  Proof that this recipe only took like 15 minutes.

Okay, bye.