Happy Monday!  How awesome is it to have LONG weekends.  I feel like I can get so much accomplished with just one unadulterated extra day.  I’ve gotten tons of work done this week, loads of house cleaning and organizing, AND we managed to have so much fun as a fam

– heading off on animal adventures and mastering every single lyric to every single Moana song.  Anyone else considering the coconut on repeat?

Anyway – it’s days like this that I feel like I can do anything.   I look in the mirror and the reflection staring back at me is sweet Rosie, with her red bandana and her iconic fist.   And these kind of days are worth celebrating!  Because, if you’re a stay at home Mama, who also happens to love to work (and does so, WAY to much), it’s not always an epic undertaking.  I may or may not have sobbed underneath my desk with a fist full of chocolate and glass of wine (on more than one occasion).

I've got Lady Boss Loot on the blog again and this time I'm interviewing the founder!

But, I’m no quitter.  So, I clean up the crumbs, I re-group, I look into the eyes of that sweet, smart, tenacious little soul watching my every move, and I get back on that horse.  I look to other woman rocking it in the business world and learn from them and cheer them on.  After all, it takes a village…to raise a kid and to reach our full potential in the business world.  Today I’m celebrating THAT.  And, Miranda Merten, Founder and Owner of Lady Boss Loot.

I received this box for free in exchange for my honest opinion.


Lady Boss Loot is a lifestyle subscription box for female entrepreneurs.  Each box has a fair-trade item that supports a cause for women around the world, a selection of feminine office products, an inspiring book or journal, bath and body items, business tips via our mini magazine, and a snack.  Subscriptions start at $45.  [otw_shortcode_button href=”https://ladybossloot.com/product/subscription-box/ref/kiddoandsoul/” size=”tiny” icon_position=”left” shape=”square” color_class=”otw-pink” target=”_blank”]Get the box[/otw_shortcode_button]  Bonus! Enter KIDDOSOUL10 here to get 10% off a subscription purchase. 

I've got Lady Boss Loot on the blog again and this time I'm interviewing the founder!

Other awesomes:

  • Every box includes 1 item that gives to a good cause!
  • Marketplace allows you to add products to your box shipment!
  • One time purchase option!
  • Community membership available (monthly articles, business tips, courses & online community)!


Lady Boss Loot was on the blog a couple of months ago.  They were one of the fabulous Sponsors of my gigantic subscription box giveaway (which is coming back  SOON, p.s.) but I also had the opportunity to check out one of their first boxes, which I became instantly obsessed with.

This time around, I thought it would be super fun to shake things up a bit and while sharing the contents of the August box, throwing in some snippets of an interview I had with the fab founder…the awesome, Miranda.

And, if you’re following along, you also know I’m dabbling with video unboxings.  Rut-row. I have mixed emotions about the whole video thang.  The realistic part of me says I have to start sharing videos if I want to grow this little piece of the blogoverse and the practical me says, um…you don’t even like having your picture taken and are completely ilequipt for this undertaking.  But, you can’t grow without getting a bit uncomfortable, so here’s my third official video, showcasing the fabulous products in the box and..me, no props, no video set, just a girl.. hiding out in her closet so she can unbox in peace.


Miranda Merten is the founder and owner of Lady Boss Loot.  After falling head over heels for her subscription box, I knew I needed to stalk her more officially.  So, I came up with a few fun questions and starting digging.

Below is a snippet of the conversation we had, and a few images of the products in the August Box (which focused on branding & marketing).  Let’s do this!

I've got Lady Boss Loot on the blog again and this time I'm interviewing the founder!

SO PUMPED to have Lady Boss Loot on the blog again!  Starting a new business is scary – how did the idea for this killer lady boss subscription come about?

I have always had the entrepreneur bug in me – I’m sure my husband probably thought I was crazy for never really wanting to work in a traditional setting. I’ve always enjoyed working with and collaborating with women and learning all about business, what makes their businesses run and how to make them better. Also, I have been super intrigued by the subscription box business, and when I first had the idea, there didn’t seem to be too many that combined business and “stuff” (although now there are more popping up), so I started brainstorming things that I would like to see in a monthly business box and here we are!

I love the “things” Miranda includes in the boxes, like this Graphique Tote (Retail $21.95).  This tote is adorable, perfect size and I’m obsessed with the leather straps and gold studding!

I've got Lady Boss Loot on the blog again and this time I'm interviewing the founder!

I love that you share a cause worthy product in all of your boxes (I’m still swooning over that Lavender scrub in June’s box!).  What made you choose Alaffia this month?

There are so many great things about Alaffia. I initially discovered them while sourcing the June finance box when I was looking for a wallet or something similar to add. They have a wallet, the Navi wallet, from their Queen Alaffia line that I was considering for the box. Ultimately, due to timing, I decided to go with the wallets that I sourced from another company, but I couldn’t get Alaffia off my mind!

I've got Lady Boss Loot on the blog again and this time I'm interviewing the founder!

Their mission is to help mothers and children in communities in Africa, through a number of different ways. They work through empowerment projects that include, alleviating poverty, funding pre and post-natal care for women in the Togo community, and funding their women’s clinic to help with much needed healthcare. They also have educational projects that supply school supplies, allow them to build schools, and provide bicycles and eyeglasses for the children. One hundred percent of the profits from their Queen Alaffia line goes to the women that make the items, so they can provide for their families and avoid having to do things (like sell their bodies for money) in order to survive. I could literally list off things all day, but it would take up much of this interview. I just love everything they stand for and anything I can do to bring awareness to these companies and others like it, no matter how little, makes me feel good.

I’m stoked to try the Authentic African Black Soap (Retail: $2.99) and Body Balm ($7.99).  And, I’m definately going to look into ways I can help support this awesome cause.

I've got Lady Boss Loot on the blog again and this time I'm interviewing the founder!

I just saw that you’re getting ready to offer a “build your own” box feature.  Love this idea!  When will subscribers have this option and how will it work?

Yes! That is one of my “will this work” ideas that I had recently. I’m looking to roll this out over the next couple of months, and it will mostly benefit those who have missed past boxes or are looking to gift a box. If you are familiar with the subscription box business, some companies require minimums of an item to be purchased. For example, if they have a minimum of 50 items, but you only have 35 subscribers, you will obviously have a surplus of items. That leaves us with a bit of inventory and we can choose to sell past boxes (if we have all box items available) or sell the items individually. Because of this, I thought it would be cool to allow people to mix and match what they want in a box.

I've got Lady Boss Loot on the blog again and this time I'm interviewing the founder!

So when this rolls out, the box choices will consist of past product that I have available, and buyers will be able to choose about 6 products from the box categories (like office items, self care, social cause, snack, etc) to make up their full box. Those boxes will be able to ship right away instead of having to wait for the normal ship date (15th – 20th of the month). And, they’ll still have access to the members area for the courses and articles for the month. If this turns out to be well received, I may look at ordering inventory just for the “you pick” boxes.

I so love this idea.  Especially when you can pick stuff like this Mi Mobile Power Bank (Retail: $24.99).  If you watched the video unboxing, you know I had NO CLUE what this was because I’m like, the most technically challenged person evs.  But, my hubby informed me it’s a portable battery and now I’m wildly obsessed because my devices are never, ever charged.

I've got Lady Boss Loot on the blog again and this time I'm interviewing the founder!

Okay, let’s talk business.  I’m gonna start with a tough question, so don’t hate me.  I’ve used the term “lady boss” or girl boss” in posts before and have actually gotten some backlash.  To me, the term “lady boss” or “girl boss” represents a strong, confident, kick ass woman rockin’ it in the business world.  What does the term mean to you and why did you choose it as the heart of your brand?

Oooh, now I’m curious to know what this backlash was! I love the term lady boss and I feel like it definitely represents women that are succeeding or have decided to find their truth in business. For so long, men were the majority bosses and I want to celebrate the fact that us ladies have risen above the glass ceiling and not only become bosses of great companies, but also started something special from our own ideas. I think as women, we need to celebrate each other and lift each other up. So whether we call ourselves lady boss, girl boss, boss babe, fempreneur, whatever term resonates with you, I think it’s important that we point out that we are ladies, doing our thing in this male-dominated world, and we’re killing it.

I couldn’t agree more.  I’m also going to be killing it at eating these Cranberry Pomegranite Clusters (Retail: $1.25).  Just kidding, I already ate them. And, they were delish.

I've got Lady Boss Loot on the blog again and this time I'm interviewing the founder!

Speaking of your brand.  One of my most favorite parts about unboxing this month’s box (and the June one, OMG – love!) was the cohesiveness of it all – from the logo, to the tissue paper, to the products and fabulous insert inside.  What drew you to the fonts and color schemes you chose?  Was there a method to the madness or did it just come to you?

Branding – it is still an ongoing work in progress, lol. It definitely did not just come to me and I think I am still evolving it as the months go on. So many times in business, people say just get started or you won’t start and that’s exactly what I did. When Lady Boss Loot was in the pre-launch phase, the color scheme and fonts were completely different! If you go through our Instagram, you’ll see the evolution, haha. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go more a fun feel or more of a luxe feel. I think I landed somewhere in between and now my fonts and color schemes have settled into something that I love. I know I wanted to incorporate black and white and then I finally landed on the “rose gold” type color as my main brand color. Feminine enough, but not to bright and out there at the same time. The problem with creatives is that we tend to change our minds a lot, but I think where I’m at now, showcases the vibe I was going for.

I've got Lady Boss Loot on the blog again and this time I'm interviewing the founder!

Basically, I just want you to share all of your secrets with me.  So, let’s talk marketing.  If you could share one marketing tip (maybe something you learned marketing your own biz?) what would that be?

Consistency! It’s still a struggle that I have but I know it’s necessary. In this day and age, you will fall off the face of the earth if you are not out there all the time, letting people know about your product. Right now, I am still a one woman show and I still have another client-focused business that takes up much of my time during the week. If I had money to hire more help or an agency right now, I would. Right now, I’m enjoying growing, learning and connecting with subscribers.

I love the book she shared:  Facinate – How to Make Your Brand Impossible to Resist by Sally Hogshead (Retail: $28.99).  I’m so behind on the books I have to read (like, Rich Bitch which was in her June box).  But, I’m stoked that I have some good material to dive into when I’m ready to get my read-on.

I've got Lady Boss Loot on the blog again and this time I'm interviewing the founder!

A good social media strategy is key to getting that fabulous product out there.  Do you have a particular social media network or strategy you’re focusing on?

My favorite network is Instagram. It’s just more fun and engaging (in my opinion) than the others. So, once I get that consistency going full force, Insta is where I show up most. Truth be told, I am not a fan of Facebook, I’m barely on there for my personal account, but I know that’s where the masses are, so you can find us there too. Lady Boss Loot also has a YouTube channel where I post the unboxings, but I’m planning to map out other short videos like tips and tutorials there in the future.

As a lady boss myself, I’m always eager to collaborate with other women in business!  Tell me more about the community membership on your site and what kind of courses you offer!

I've got Lady Boss Loot on the blog again and this time I'm interviewing the founder!The roadmap here is huge and I’ve got lofty goals! What I am learning though is that membership sites are years in the making before they get super active and engaging, and I’m optimistic about the plans for the membership backend. Each month, I create courses and articles for the membership community and I’m looking to collaborate with other business women on future course offerings as well. Right now you can find courses about building a website, designing images using Canva, how to set up a sales funnel, things like that. The site is only a few months old, but as time goes on, I am going to group these into different tracks of business so that people can really get focused on their business goals. There are also blog posts (available to anyone) that focus on running or setting up a business. As the content builds up, I’ll be able to work it into a more precise roadmap for those looking to level-up their businesses and collaborate with others.

We do have a facebook group that members are a part of or anyone interested in learning about Lady Boss Loot can join. I post links to the trainings there (but of course you have to be a member to access them) and other members are welcome to share links, discuss box items, etc. Depending on how active the group gets, I am thinking about adding a forum and groups to the membership site as well. So, lots of ideas swirling around in my head that I can’t wait to implement!

Okay, one last thang.  Tell me 5 things that most people don’t know about you (um, I told you I want you to share all your secrets!).  Could be anything.  Funny, embarrassing, sentimental, worky.  Anything!  Go.    

I touched on it before, but I’ve got the entrepreneur bug! I’ve experienced a number of different jobs from real estate to personal training, and I now realize  that I love being my own boss and putting my creative juices to work.

I was born on an island and spent most of my summers there… but I can barely swim. Haha – just last year I started to learn and I can now swim underwater – for about a 5 ft distance, lol.

I've got Lady Boss Loot on the blog again and this time I'm interviewing the founder!

I am a night owl – and it gets the best of me come 6am 🙂

I still watch Days of Our Lives. I started in college and I can’t seem to stop!

This is the first year I am not homeschooling my daughter. She just started 5th grade 2 weeks ago and now she has to wake up early for school (she never knew how good she had it), lol!

I still watch General Hospital, so don’t feel bad.  I mean, the charachters and plot line is pretty much identical to what it was when my Mom watched it while I was just a lil’ kiddo.


I had SO much fun writing this post and interviewing Miranda.  If you want to connect with her, you can reach her at her website:  Miranda Merten, LLC or at Lady Boss Loot Either site will link you up to her socials!

And, if you’re interested in hooking yourself up with this incredibly awesome box, a Monthly membership will run you $45 bucks a  month (free shipping and access to the membership community)! Boxes ship around the 15th of each month. [otw_shortcode_button href=”https://ladybossloot.com/product/subscription-box/ref/kiddoandsoul/” size=”tiny” icon_position=”left” shape=”square” color_class=”otw-pink” target=”_blank”]Get the box[/otw_shortcode_button] Don’t forget to enter KIDDOSOUL10 here to get 10% off a subscription purchase. 

I've got Lady Boss Loot on the blog again and this time I'm interviewing the founder!

Girls run the world (just ask Beyonce).  I can’t wait to watch this business grow and cheer Miranda on as she continues to ROCK IT at owning her own businesses  Let me know if you’re subscribing to this box, and tell me what gets you motivated to kill it in the work place.  YEY!

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*DISCLAIMER:  This post is a combination of my personal insights, opinions and thoughts on various topics and products and may contain affiliate links.  I earn a small commission if you make a purchase through my links, which helps me continue on this fabulous journey of blogging!  Full disclaimers avail. here

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  • These boxes look amazing! It’s refreshing to see something that’s empowering and ethical (although I do also love beauty boxes) and every box looks like it’s been chosen with a lot of care and thought!

    • I agree with you Sarah! There are so many boxes out there and I love that this one has a million and one positive messages wrapped into it AND Miranda puts a ton of effort into making them absolutely stunning 🙂