GUYS!  I’m pretty stoked about today.  I mean, I’m totally bummed to give up my long weekend and all the awesomeness that came with that, but I’m super excited and (well lets be honest) totally nervous for my first ever #truthseshtuesday.

When I started this blog back up again last year, I promised myself I’d get a bit more raw and share more of my feelings about stuff.  But, here we sit, just over a year later and I haven’t done much of that.  Well, I started here (when I apologized to all the moms in the land for being a total idiot), but it pretty much stopped there.

And, here’s why:  It makes me feel uncomfortable.  Like, really, really uncomfortable.  But, recently I decided that at 40 years old, it’s time for me to continue to steop out of my comfort zone and do some things that scare me.  I’ve lived a fulfilled life and not much makes me anxious or nervous (just ask my mom).  But this…sharing stuff and doing it on VIDEO?  OMG, I’m dying.

Anyway – here’s my first truth.  The goal here (in addition to a little personal growth for moi) is to inspire conversation and connect. SO, share your comments  AND, don’t forget to subscribe to my brand new YouTube channel.  There’s like 4 subscribers because it’s a total infant, so follow along to get these truths (and other fun videos and unboxings) in your inbox 🙂  Be kind.  Here goes.

DISCLAIMER: This vlog is a combination of my personal insights, opinions and thoughts on various topics.  I don’t claim to be an expert in any particular area other than my own life 🙂

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