I've go the September Gainz Box on the Blog and it's goe me feelin' all sorts of workout motivation!This product was received for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Happy Thursday!  I might be a bit angry it’s still Summer here in New Englad today, but I’m trying to turn my frown upside down and get happy about health and fitness!   The upside:  We just started getting Metabolic Meals again (after taking a few months off) and I already feel lighter.  Although I’m not exactly where I’d like to be right now, I’m working out more, drinking tons of water and am also doing my best to avoid eating my weight in food at night –  which you can usually find me doing\ because I have to share everything with “you know who” during the day (hint:  she’s three and a total food stealer).

Anyway – I’m making good-ish on my health challenge  and all in all (despite the fact that it’s EIGHTY and supposed to be Fall here) I’m feelin’ pretty darn great.  Today, I’m sharing my bazillionth Gainz Box and I have to tell you that this box is total work out motivation for me.  It’s pretty hard to get a box full of healthy goodness and then subsequently eat an entire sleeve of cookies when you got something staring you in the face screaming – GET OFF THE COUCH AND PUT DOWN THE DAMN COOKIE YOU MANIAC!

I kid, but in all honesty – getting this little fitness reminder every month on my door step helps me keep fitness and health at the forfront of my mind.  And, for that reason, I am in sweet lovity-love with Gainz Box.


Gainz Box is a monthly subscription box of premium fitness apparel, equipment, supplement, snacks and more. They offer a variety of plans, including a single month purchase, 3-month, 6-month, and 1 year subscriptions.  Subscriptions start at $32 / month.   Get the box Bonus!  Enter GZ10 at checkout to get 10% off! 

I've go the September Gainz Box on the Blog and it's goe me feelin' all sorts of workout motivation!

Other awesomes:

  • Gift subscriptions available
  • Includes coupons to some of the brands showcased in the box
  • Take a quick survey about the goods in your box and get Pointz, redeemable for free stuff
  • A portion of every box sold goes to Veteran’s charities!


I love that they changed up the packaging for September!  I saw it on my doorstep and had no clue what it was and was so very pleasantly surprised when I saw it.  Well, here…just watch.  And, take note of the happiness in this video.  I had just gotten done working out and the happy-happy you see is endorphins people.  Love em.

Although I just recapped it above, here’s a quick overview of all my new workout presents from the September 2017 Demi Bagby Edition Gainz Box.

I've go the September Gainz Box on the Blog and it's goe me feelin' all sorts of workout motivation!

FITSPI Shorts ($31 Retail)

FITSPI Socks ($15 Retail)

FITSPI Tank ($25 Retail)

ICE AGE MEALS Gift Card for $50 bucks off $160 or more

COUNTRY ARCHER Beef Jerky ($3.99 retail).

Total Retail Value: $125 bucks

I've go the September Gainz Box on the Blog and it's goe me feelin' all sorts of workout motivation!WHAT’S IT GONNA COST?

Monthly boxes start at $32 per month (plus $6 bucks shipping), but you can save money by getting a 3 month subscription for $31, a 6 month for $32 or a 12 month for $29.  Don’t forget to add $6 on top of that to cover shipping costs.   Get the box  Bonus!  Enter GZ10 at checkout to get 10% off! 


Okay, so let me know what your workout motivation is this month!  And, if you hook yourself up with Gainz, keep me posted!  Not, like you have to tell me or anything, but I mean…I’m super nosy and totally want to know if you do it too 🙂

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