Happy Tuesday!  So, the last couple of Truth Seshes have been kinda heavy.  SO, I decided today, I’d shake things up by sharing a little quirk about myself…something my friends, fam and especially hubs find wierd, funny and totally use as ammunition when they want to rip on me.  Guys – I’m kinda, sorta obsessed with survival.  Bear attacks?  Check.  Sole survivor in a plane crash?  Check-check.

Let’s get crazy and share weird things about each other today!  What’s your wierd quirk?  What makes you kinda-sorta hilarious and also super easy to make fun of in your friendship and family circle? Feel free to share your truth in the comments below and then share it with your friends! #truthseshtuesday

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DISCLAIMER: This vlog is a combination of my personal insights, opinions and thoughts on various topics.  I don’t claim to be an expert in any particular area other than my own life.

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