Friendssssssssssss.  Week three going STRONG in my new health and fitness journey.  And, it is a journey.   But, I’m totally ready for it this time.

A couple of weeks ago (three to be exact), I set some serious goals for myself and vowed to power through all of the things that typically (and sometimes violently) pull me off the wagon (donuts, cookies, Halloween candy).

I’m proud to say that I haven’t faltered.  Not even once since I made my vow and I’m almost 4 pounds down.  In addition to that (guys, I have a 30 pound weight loss goal, so this is gonna be a looooong fitness journey) I FEEL better.  I don’t feel bloated.  My skin feels fed (I’m drinking lots of water), I feel strong mentally and am getting stronger, day by day, physically too.

It’s amazing how much we fight things that feel so incredible.  I wish I would’ve done this sooner, but no regerts (sorry, every time I want to say “regrets” I think of those “no regerts” memes and can’t help myself).  So, no regerts guys.  The time is now, and I am the rockstar.

I’m happy I’ve got all kinds of motivation in my life, including this monthly fix that arrives on my doorstep every month, reminding me of what’s important.  Yey!


I received this box for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Gainz Box is a monthly subscription box of premium fitness apparel, equipment, supplement, snacks and more. They offer a variety of plans, including a single month purchase, 3-month, 6-month, and 1 year subscriptions.  Subscriptions start at $32 / month.   Get the box Bonus!  Enter GZ10 at checkout to get 10% off! 

Working on my fitness with Gainz Box! Here's what I got in the october Box.

Other awesomes:

  • Gift subscriptions available
  • Includes coupons to some of the brands showcased in the box
  • Take a quick survey about the goods in your box and get Pointz, redeemable for free stuff
  • A portion of every box sold goes to Veteran’s charities!


Well, technically I’m sharing last month’s fitness loves, but whatevs.  You know what I’m getting at.  Here’s the USA Weightlifting Edition Box unboxing (full product list below):

Everything I unboxed is in the video above – here’s a quick list of what came in this fabulous fitness boxity:

Nike Weight Lifting T-Shirt (Value $28) via

Working on my fitness with Gainz Box! Here's what I got in the october Box.

Fanny Pack + Exclusive Kill Cliff Patch (Value $25) via

Liquid Chalk + Block (Value $11.90) via

Endure Sports Drink (Value $2.99) via

Working on my fitness with Gainz Box! Here's what I got in the october Box.

Zevia Flavored Sparkling Water (Value $2) via

Total Retail Value: $70 (ish) bucks

Oh, and PS.  Gainz Box proudly announced in this box that they are an official sponsor of USA Weightlifting.  U-S-A, U-S-A. Neat!


Monthly boxes start at $32 per month (plus $6 bucks shipping), but you can save money by getting a 3 month subscription for $31, a 6 month for $32 or a 12 month for $29.  Don’t forget to add $6 on top of that to cover shipping costs.   Get the box  Bonus!  Enter GZ10 at checkout to get 10% off! 

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If you’re on your own fitness journey, I’d love to team up and keep each other motivated!   Get in touch!

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