Lately, I’ve been a bit more vocal about our desire to keep our family at five (three humans, 2 kittens). If you’re follwing along, you know I wrote (and had published, yey!) this article on Her View From Home, which gives one of those perspectives (infertility is NO joke).

But, that’s not the only reason we’d like to keep our family as it is.  And, that’s okay too.  Here’s where we are at and even more perspective on the topic.

Sooooo, are YOU having more kids?  JUST KIDDING.  But, I do want to know if you’ve been on the receiving end of the “are you going to have any (or more) kids?” question.  Because if you have, I wanna know – did you want to punch the person in the face for asking (again) or were you totally okay with the inquisition.  Tell me…tell me….TELLLL MMEEEEEEE!.  Oh, and share it on social with #truthseshtuesday so we can read each other secrets and stuff.

Okay, bye.

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DISCLAIMER: This vlog is a combination of my personal insights, opinions and thoughts on various topics.  I don’t claim to be an expert in any particular area other than my own life.

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