Guys, you know I love a good kit.  Kits (like this DIY hot sauce one I’m about to brag about) are my jammity jam because I’m always super inspired for big projects, but super busy (and maybe a bit slow) to get all the goodies and pull it all together.

When it’s all bundled up for me, with instructions and all the fixings?  I’m a kit making rock star!

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Grow & Make sent us a DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit! Here's the deets.

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So, um…this kit has me all kinds of excited to embark upon a extrodinary DIY hot sauce making kit adventure!

The kit we received was $29.95 (Artisan Hot Sauce Making Kit).  As you can see in the video above, we received six, 5 oz bottles to make our hot sauce. There were 6 different recipes we could choose and we’ll probably go the chipotle, garlic, chipotle-garlic-y route.

Grow & Make sent us a DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit! Here's the deets.

How cute is this packaging?

The DIY Hot Sauce Kit we received included everythang we needed to make our DIY hot sauce, including: Instruction booklet, Sanitizer/cleanser, Gloves, Customizable labels, 3 bottles with lids and dashers, Funnel, Apple cider vinegar, White distilled vinegar, Guajillo peppers, Chipotle peppers, Arbol peppers, Cayenne powder, Ancho powder, Curry powder, New Mexico chili powder, Brown sugar.

BOOM.  Hot sauce.

Grow & Make sent us a DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit! Here's the deets.


Grow and Make sells a variety of kits, ranging in price from $17.95 to $129.95.  The price you pay depends on the kit you wanna DIY.

Grow & Make sent us a DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit! Here's the deets.

You can also subscribe and receive a kit every month!  The subscription kit includes 2 DIY projects each month and will run you $ $29.95 per month. Get the box

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Happy Sunday!  We’re going to have brunch with our favorite French fam and then maybe attempt to make us some hot sauce without burning our eyes out this time.  Yey!

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