Happy New Year!  I’m not gonna lie. I’m totally bumming around today after last nights shenanigans.  And, when I say “shenanigans” I’m talking about the kind that involves eating bad food and falling asleep on the couch before 10 pm. That said, I’m starting the new year off with 3 sweet little thangs that bring sparkle to my life.

Urban Outfitters Photo Clip Firefly String Lights:  If you watch any of my videos, you know that I’m a total amateur and don’t have an official set up.  Well, I was feeling inspired and purchased a few things to brighten up my “studio” space and these sweet and sparkly twinkle lights are one of them!

ban. do Glitter Bomb Water Bottle:  If I’m going to be ditching everything I love (candies, cookies, candy canes) in an effort to be healthy this year, I’m going to be glittery AF.  Cue this water bottle. I need more water in my life.  And, apparently, more sparkle.

Show Beauty Body Shimmer Oil 60ml: I haven’t tried this brand yet, but I’ve heard good things.  I have an itty bitty bottle of Nuxe dry oil and plan on using that up first.  I’m about to be all sorts of shimmery in 2018.  Look out.

So, tell me – what sparkly stuff are you obsessing over?  I kinda feel like a 4 year old with the amount of sparkle I own these days, but whatevs.  I’m living my best life, guys 🙂

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