My Hair is LOV-ING My Not Your Mother’s Mousse

I’m pretty sure the last time I put mousse in my hair, I was heading off to my 8th grade formal with some serious “crunchy curls” (Holla to all you late 80’s middle-schoolers because I know you rocked a crunchy curl too).

Anyway, I was wearing a teal strapless dress with a gigantic bow on the hip and kitten heels that made feel totally bad ass while rockin’ the MCHammer on the dance floor (You Can’t Touch This).

So, you know….it was just shy of 800 years ago.  BUT, that my friends has changed and I’m stoked to report that mousse has made its way back into my life and I’m rockin’ it for all the right reasons.

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I recently received a full-size bottle of Not Your Mother’s Blue Sea Kale & Pure Coconut Water Sea Minerals Weightless Mousse (Retail $8.99)in my latest Influenster VoxBox (Finesse).  And, I’m super amped up on this product.

My Hair is LOV-ING My Not Your Mothers Mousse 2

For starters, it smells great.  And, you know I love smelling stuff.  But, it’s so much more than that – it actually makes my hair do great things (like not look like a frizz-fro).  All I do is shake and pump a bit of this stuff in my hand, work it through my wet hair and wait for the magic.  AKA – weightless, beachy (did I mention this stuff smells AMAZE?) waves. My Hair is LOV-ING My Not Your Mothers Mousse 2 I’m hooked.  And amped to have found a cruelty-free product that hydrates my sad hair and fills it with vitamin & electrolyte minerals.   LOVE. IT.

My Hair is LOV-ING My Not Your Mothers Mousse 2

I also got a 2-pack of  Minute Rice Ready to Serve Organic Red Quinoa and Brown Rice (Retail:  $2.49) which was delish.  The hubs and I have tried these micro-cups in the past and I love them as a quick way to include some healthy carbs in your dish when you’re in a rush.

My Hair is LOV-ING My Not Your Mothers Mousse 2

Since we’re being super healthy these days, this Olly Superfoods Smoothie Pack was a super love – especially because the blend includes not 1, but 2 servings of fruits and veggies worth of phytonutrients.  Tasted great (my 4-year old agrees) and super easy to snag at your local Target (Retail: $29.99).

My Hair is LOV-ING My Not Your Mothers Mousse 2

Lastly, I received this Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish Kit (polish in Closing Night and topcoat, Retail $18, also at Target).  I loved the color  AND I love a good gel mani.  BUT, with so many cruelty-free nail polish brands out there, I would likely not purchase this on my own.  If you don’t mind that this polish gives you that gel-like finish without having to go to the salon or plop your hands under a UV lamp.

My Hair is LOV-ING My Not Your Mothers Mousse 2

If you haven’t heard of Influenster, you can read all about the community here.  Basically, you get to try free products like the ones above which arrive in Vox Boxes to regular ol’ consumers like you and moi.  No need to be a blogger to receive these products as long as you agree to test whatcha’ get and share your honest opinions.  Full deets here if you wanna sign up!

My Hair is LOV-ING My Not Your Mother's Mousse

Okay – I’m off to relive my 8th grade formal by dancing in that gorgeous little teal dress (and when I say “dancing” I mean flailing around my living room because there’s no way that dress is getting over these hips).  Tootles!

Like Cruelty-free goodies?  Check out Love Goodly.  They’re the bestest.

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