Keto strong in these parts, guys!  We are technically in week 4 now, but I’m a bit behind, so I thought I’d get our Week 2 and Week 3 results up on the blog in one handy-dandy post.

If you’re just tuning in to our Keto updates, feel free to read this post (which explains why we started Keto in the first place) and this post (which covers our week 1 results).

I am not a nutritionist or expert in the field of the health, nutrition or the ketogenic diet. This post contains referral links* Post updated Nov. 2018.


I’m a meal prepping fool these days and although it takes some effort (okay, fine, a bunch of effort), I’m kinda loving figuring out what I can put in my body while living this new Keto diet life.  Check out all my keto recipes here!



  • Bullet Proof Coffee (coffee with 1 tbsp grass-fed butter and 1 tbsp coconut oil)  is still a thing for the hubs.  I’ve actually switched it up because it wasn’t making my belly happy.  Maybe something with the butter/coffee combo?  Anyway – I add 1 tbsp of Extra Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil and 1 tbsp of Heavy Cream to my coffee each morning.  Tastes delish and full of fats.
  • Omelets:  We are still rocking this omelet (we omitted the Chorizo because we forgot!).  We add 1/2 an avocado and 1 or 2 pieces of bacon on the side.  Super filling.  These egg muffins are also our jammity jam (still!)
  • Pancakes:  We finally made these Almond Cream Cheese Pancakes! (you might remember we forgot the cream cheese last time last time).  Well, the hubs made them and they are so good.  We added 1 strawberry and after not having a stitch of fruit for 3 weeks, it was actually really sugary!  It tasted good but was almost too sweet to eat. Weird.  These pancake muffins are derived from the same recipe and are great for meal prep!
  • Keto Cheese & Bacon Bread.  Do yourself a favor and make this stuff pronto.  It’s incredibly delish, filling and totally makes you feel like you’re eating carbs, without the nasty “I just ate a bunch of carbs” bloat.



  • Salads.  This balsamic chicken feta salad (we went light on the onions, tomatoes and balsamic as they are higher in carbs) made a second appearance on the menu in Week 2 and Week 3.  Super love this.
  • Buffalo Chicken Meatballs with Cauliflower Rice – Yes.  All I can say is YES to this.  Super easy to make and feels like you’re at a bar eating buffalo wings (minus the smell of beer and dim lighting).  The recipe is here.  Hot tip from a former upstate NY gal, add a tbsp or two of grass-fed butter to the wing sauce before you top the meatballs – basically, mix the Frank’s Red Hot with the melted butter.  You will not regret it).  We were trying to save time, so we used a frozen bag of cauli-rice, microwaved it and boom.  Done.
  • Steak & Steamed Broccoli with Grassfed Butter – No recipe for this.  We got some grass-fed steak, the hubs cooked it up on the stove top with butter and added a cup of broccoli on the side (we tossed it with a little Wegman’s Basting Oil – another staple in our home).


  • Cheese Stuffed Bacon Hotdogs – I try to make healthy combinations of things, but we had to try this recipe because it looked so damn good.  It was.
  • Chicken Sausage & Veggies –  We model our recipe off this one, but get rid of all the extra carby stuff (like the sweet potatoes).  We also tone down the qty of carrots and peppers so that the carbs from those veggies work with our macro limits.  Super easy to make ahead and meal prep.
  • Caprese Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps – Another recipe we are loving.  We use this recipe, and reduce the onions to 2 TBSP to limit the carbs.  We also interchange red onion or scallions depending upon what’s in the fridge.  It’s super filling and tastes great with the romaine.



  • Fat Head Pizza – You have not lived if you have not tried Fat Head Pizza.  We have become obsessed with this keto friendly pizza and make it at least once a week (usually on the weekends, so it feels like we’re partying, but we are totally still within the requirements of our ketogenic way of eating).  The hubs adds pepperoni to his side, but I don’t because I’m usually capping my protein limit with this bad boy.  LOVE.


  • Garlic Butter Baked Salmon with Roasted Asparagus – Another one of my favorite meals because asparagus is my fave veggie.  We bake the salmon using this recipe (PS – we don’t add the salt because it kind of overpowers the dish.  And, we microwave the butter, then just mix everything together in the bowl prior to topping the Salmon because….we have zero time for fancy cooking).  For the asparagus, we just roast it in a pan with some basting oil and a little parm cheese on top.  I die.  I could eat all of it on my own!
  • Lobster Tails with Butter & Asparagus – This was my Mother’s Day feast!  Two, 4 oz lobster tails (boiled), 2 tbsp grass fed butter (drawn) and Asparagus…because Asparagus has my heart forevs.
  • Deluxe Pizza Casserole.  Since we are always super busy, we supplemented the meal prep with pre-made meals from Factor 75.  I’ve tried a ton of meal delivery services, but Factor 75 is one of the most flavorful and well portioned fresh, organic, grass-fed, healthy meals I’ve tried.  They have keto friendly meals that are delivered fresh (not frozen), like this one and the three below.  If you decide to try them out, you get $20 bucks off with my link.
  • Steak with Loaded Cauliflower Mash – this is one of my faves from Factor 75
  • Grass Fed Burger with Tomato Chutney – another Factor 75 goodie.  I like the side of pickles 🙂
  • Bacon Feta Spinach Frittata – probably my least fave of the Factor75 meals I’ve tried, but really tasty nonetheless.



  • Still planning our macros really well, so not too much room for snacks – but we always have some fat at the end of the day and these Keto Cinnamon Butter Cookies hit the spot (with a little cream cheese on top!)
  • We also had a few of those deli snacks on hand (mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto or salami), moon cheese and ate em’ if needed.



  • Water.  Still rocking a ton of water per day.  Probably around a gallon or so.
  • Coffee. We drink 1-2 cups of coffee per day and  add fats to it (coconut oil and butter and heavy whipping cream)
  • Bubbly Water.  When we are sick of water we love a little bubbly water.  The La Croix Pineapple Strawberry concoction is our latest crush.  I only seem to find it at Target.

I shared some tips in week 1, that still hold strong in weeks 2 and 3.  You can check those out here.


Here’s a list of everything that’s making our keto diet easy.

  • Specialty Foods & Baking Ingredients: We get our coconut oil, ghee, sugar substitute, coconut and almond flour and other keto friendly foods and snacks from Thrive Market.  Everything there ends up being $2 or so less than at the grocery store or elsewhere.  If you use my link you get 25% off your first order
  • Collagen Protein:  A lot of keto dieters use collagen protein to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails (its also great for workout recovery, protecting your cartilage and bones).  Naked Collagen is grass fed, tasteless and contains only one ingredient!  Super clean and free of all the nasty stuff you don’t want to be sticking in your body!
  • Keto Test Strips:  These are great for the first few weeks to test your ketones and ensure you’re body is doing what it should (AKA, you’re in ketosis).  We like these ones.
  • Magnesium Supplements:  I’m not a huge supplement taker, but these have SAVED. MY. LIFE.  As I mention below, I suffered terrible cramping and restless leg, common for low carb dieters (especially in the beginning).  These ones immediately took them away. I take one before bed and that’s all I need.
  • Digital Scale and Tape Measure:  If you don’t have one, you’ll want one.  At least for the beginning.  I can’t stress how much it helps to measure your results.  You may not see immediate changes in weight but will notice changes in your body measurements.  So, I always do both.  This scale is under $20 bucks and it comes with a body tape measure.  Done and done!
  • Meat Delivery:  Grass-fed meats can get expensive.  We use Karv for meat delivery.  You get it all in one shot and it saves a few bucks (and trips to multiple grocery stores)!
  • Meal Delivery:  Since meal prepping can be super time consuming, we lean to meal delivery services to supplement super hectic weeks.  Factor 75 (get $20 bucks off your first order with my link), Keto Fridge and Metabolic Meals all carry ketogenic meal choices.  We’ve tried them all and have nothing but good things to report!


Everything is recapped in the video above if you’re interested in how I was feeling in weeks 2 and 3 of our keto diet!  I talk a bunch about how the change in eating has affected my ovulation cycle (huge positives!) so if you want to learn more about that just watch the vid 🙂

PS – This kid.  She’s pretty awesome.



Here’s where I was at by the end of week 2.  Week 3 results are below as well.

Weight – down 4 lbs Total (zero pounds lost in week 2).  Hubs was down 10 pounds by the end of week 2!

Inches – I lost a total of 12 inches by the end of week 2!  I lost 1.5 inches in my chest, 3 in my waist, almost an inch on the hips, 1 1/4 inches on my upper thigh and almost an inch on the lower part of my thigh, an inch on each arm and an inch around my neck!


  • Rosacea: My Rosacea is having zero reaction.  Skin is looking great!  That is doing awesome!
  • Perimenopausal Symptoms:  Ovulation was in full effect (CD14 through CD20).  There was bloating, but I was still down 4 pounds (usually I gain 5-8!).  I felt cranky and kinda woe is me (watch the vid) but overall, I wasn’t as evil I usually am, and I had so much more energy than normal!  I was definitely ovulating by the end of the week (and up 2 pounds),  But the cramping was not as bad and I was back down by the end of the week.



Here’s where I was at by the end of week 3.

Weight – down 6 lbs Total (2 pounds lost in week 3).  Hubs was down 12 pounds by the end of week 3!

Inches – By the end of week 3, my total inches lost was  17 inches (5 more inches down from week 2 to week 3).  I was down almost 4 inches in my chest, 3 on my waist, 2.5 in my midsection (like directly under my belly button), 1.5 on my hips, almost an inch and a 1/2 on my things, over an inch in my arms, and my neck was still at 1 inch (I can’t imagine that will change much more!).  I must have measured incorrectly the first day on my calves because I show no change there.  But, I put on a pair of boots that I haven’t been able to zip over my calves in 4 years, and they zipped over the calves (with room to spare).  SUCH A WIN!

Overall my inches lost, matched what I was feeling – the majority of my weight loss and transformation happening on the upper part of my body with very slow changes happening on the belly, hips, and thighs.  It will come!


  • Rosacea: My Rosacea is still fairing well.  A little bit dryer which usually happens around ovulation, but nothing horrific.
  • Perimenopausal Symptoms:  None by end of week 3!  After months of hot flashes, I haven’t had 1 in 3 weeks.  I have also not had 1 a single headache (in week 2 or 3) – prior to eating the Keto way I was getting at least 1-2 per week.

That covers it for now!  Check back next week for my Week 4 results. And, tell me what you’re up to!  I’d love any more tips, ideas and recipes you guys have!

Another PS: My daughter made me this “grass-fed beef cupcake”.  It’s probably gross.


If you want to know why we started this Keto Journey, read this.

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