6 Reasons I choose Kidbox to deliver our kids clothes

If you’re a parent, you know how annoying it can be to shop with your kids.  I am not a fan of it.  Nope.  Don’t wanna.  

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Shopping for kids clothes will not destroy me – But it has the potential.  It’s just this really exhausting experience that makes me want to curl up in bed and hibernate for like, a month.  It’s not that I don’t love my child.  I adore her.  But, she isn’t the best shopping partner and god help me if I ask her to try something on.

The former me would treat shopping for kids clothes like a game show.  The buzzer goes off, I grab as many items as I can fit into my cart, possibly knock over a stranger, sprint to the cashier, throw the money at her and pray really hard I can get my little to try a few things on before the 30-day return window closes.

It’s fun to laugh about it.  But in reality its just one of those not-so-fun experiences for most parents and it’s totally mendable!  While I still brave the girl’s department as a matter of necessity from time to time, I lean on brands like Kidbox to keep me from losing my mind each season.  Here are a few reasons why.


The number one reason I chose a kids styling service to select my daughter’s clothes and deliver them to my home?  Convenience.  With Kidbox, you create an online profile. which you can change as often as you wish.  The profile includes your little’s style preferences (sizes, colors to avoid, style category, etc).

We just received our Back to School Box and they nailed my daughter’s style.  This SAMARA Girls Striped Sweater is the most adorable little thang, paired with these JOE’S JEANS Girls Midrise Skinny Ponte Jeggings and you’ve got yourself a stylish little girls outfit.

Where was I…Oh, yes.  Convenience.  You give them your credit card and they ship you a box every season filled with clothes to try on in the comfort of your own home.  I repeat Try. On. In. Home.  I have definitely watched my daughter try on clothes with wine in hand (gulp, gulp…sigh)!


Getting kids clothes delivered to your door is a no-go if you can’t afford them.  All of the clothes we receive in our Kidboxes are name brand and completely affordable.  This FRENCH TOAST Girls Ruffle Tee is the cutest (and was probably her fave).  It goes with ANYTHING.

Pause and take a peek at my daughter’s face in this pic.  If we were in a fitting room we would’ve been at a DEFCON 5 situation, people.  But, instead, Mama was sitting comfortably on the closet floor with a hot cuppa coffee, just letting baby girl do her pouting thing.  No stares.  No drama.  Lots of caffeine.

If you keep the entire box each month (usually 5-7 items) you pay $98 bucks.  That’s it.  That’s like $14-16 bucks per item.  And, if you send a few, keep a few?  No styling fee.  You just pay for the items (enjoying a little discount from what you’d pay at retail).  I like that.  You’re not obligated to do anything you don’t’ want to do.  Send the whole dang box back if you’re not feelin’ it.  You’re the boss!


I have tried lots of kids styling services and really enjoy the quality of the clothes that come in our seasonal boxes from Kidbox.  They send well made, durable pants, jeans, dresses, and tops – we’ve never had a rip, tear or faded knee.   I’m on the hunt for a Mama version of this MASALA BABY Girls Tassled Poncho.

You know I love a brand that gives back.  Every time you purchase an entire box, you and your kiddo are personally

Can you even?

Quality is huge for me.  I’ve recently shopped at some pretty well-known retailers only to receive clothing that shows major wash/wear after being worn and washed once.  Not cool. And, not anything I’ve experienced with Kidbox to date.


Just because they have seasonal boxes doesn’t mean you HAVE to get 4 boxes per year.  You can skip whenever you want, and if you need more than one box, you can totally order another (within the same season too!).

We got this KENSIE Girls Long Sleeve Tweed Dress which has the most adorable detailing.  It’s super big on her now (in the pic below I had to clip it like she was being fitted for a wedding gown), but she’ll absolutely grow into it over the next year!

Best part?  You are not limited to a box of Seasonal clothing either.  They now also offer Limited Edition Uniform Boxes for $68 bucks. And, because kids can never have enough socks and underwear you can snag a Kidsentials box for $30.  I’m totally trying that one next.


If a brand treats me like a number I typically ditch them.  I have NO time to hunt people down to solve issues or answer questions about their products.  Kidbox gets an A+ in this department from my personal experiences with them.  When I opened up this box, one of the items was the wrong size.  I reached out to them, they got back to me SAME DAY and immediately reshipped me the correct size.  No hassle, easy peasy.

The last piece we are waiting on are these navy blue and white  KIDS CLUB Girls Exclusive Polka Dot Joggers pictured below (note, the shoes did not arrive in our Kidbox) and I’ll pop in the photo once they arrive.


The last, and maybe one of my favorite reasons to shop kids clothes via Kidbox is their give back program.

You know I love a brand that gives back.  Every time you purchase an entire box, you and your kiddo are personally helping to clothe a child not as lucky as you.  This is a great time to chat with your kids about helping others and appreciating the lives they have.  LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.


If you want to win your very own Kidbox, head on over to my Back to School Giveaway post and enter for your chance.  One lucky winner will get a box from Kidbox filled with clothes and valued at  $98 bucks!

Celebrating Kids and Parents with the Back to School Giveaway 1


Kidbox sends seasonal personalized style boxes packed with the coolest brands for your kids (boys, girls & toddler size 2-14).  Each box includes 6-7 (avg cost of $14 per item).  No subscription fee, you pay for what you keep. Whenever you keep the whole box, they will commit a donation of new clothes to children in needy families.|

You can grab your box here (don’t forget to enter coupon code  KIDDO20 for 20% off your first box) and, if you’re still on the fence, feel free to check out my other Kidbox posts to get a feel for what we’ve received to date.

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Happy shopping!  No seriously.  You will be very happy “shopping” in your PJ’s at your leisure 🙂

Check out what we got in our last Kidbox delivery before ya go!


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