The Most Magical Time of the Year (Here’s the Fall Premiere Schedule)

GUYS!  This is legit my most favorite time of the year. We are so close to pumpkin spice season I can smell it, and the best TV evs is about to take me on the emotional roller coaster it does each season!  Since I was taking notes anyway, I decided to share what I’m watching along with links up to the full Fall Premiere schedule.

Here are the top 9 shows I’m watching this Fall!


Manifest (NBC) – 10pm (September 24):  This show is new and looks like it might be one of those WTF is going shows (like Lost).  The premise is that these people get on a flight, arrive home and find out they’ve been missing and presumed dead for 5 years.  Looks kinda good.  First 3 episodes will tell!


This is Us (NBC) – 9 pm (September 25): OMG, what is going to happen guys?  I have to watch the last episode to refresh myself, but I remember something about being in the fetal position with a box of tissues as the final credits rolled so…there’s that. Here’s a snippet of last season for those who want a quick catch up.


Modern Family (ABC) – 9pm (September 26):  Oh, Cam.  Can’t wait to see what he’s up to this season.  I read it’s going to be the last season so I’m sure they’re going to make it more hilarious than ever.

The Most Magical Time of the Year Heres the Fall Premiere Schedule 4

A Million Little Things (ABC) – 10pm (September 26):  It is September 26th yet because I am STOKED for this new show.  I keep seeing the trailer in between Bachelor in Paradise and I’m hooked already.  It reminds me of This is Us and Parenthood (which I am currently re-watching for the third time, PS) and will probably make me sob just as hard each week so I’m thinkin’ it’s gonna be a goodie.   Trailer is below if you haven’t seen it yet.


Greys Anatomy (ABC) – 8pm (September 27):  Two hours of unadulterated Grey Sloan Memorial.  I’ve enjoyed the strong, “I don’t need a man” Meredith”, but I’m ready for her to fall in mad love again.  This is what Fall’s all about baby.

The Most Magical Time of the Year Heres the Fall Premiere Schedule 4

The Good Place (NBC) – 8pm (September 27, switches to 830pm on October 4):  I’ve had a girl crush on Kristen Bell for years.  But, I had no interest in this “forking” show, until one day we decided to give it a try and became obsessed.  I just found out its created by the guy who is responsible for The Office which is probably why I love it so. Come on Season 3!

The Most Magical Time of the Year Heres the Fall Premiere Schedule 4


The Walking Dead (AMC) – 9pm   Oct 7.  I’m on the fence with this one.  I don’t even think I watched the last few episodes of last season because I totally broke up with TWD.  BUT, I feel like I invested so many years in this show (until it started sucking) so there’s this weird internal obligation to see it through (at least the first few episodes).  We shall see.

The Most Magical Time of the Year Heres the Fall Premiere Schedule 4

Camping (HBO) – 1030pm Oct 14.  This series has potential!  I loved Girls so we’ll see if Lena Dunham makes another good one.


If you’re interested in what else is premiering this fall,  Cinamblend has a pretty comprehensive schedule with a ton of networks.  You can also check out the fall premiere schedule for each invidual network by visitng thier sites, but I like the idea of one place with all the dates so I can mark up my calender (yes, I’m one of those nerds that puts fall premiere’s in my schedule like a meeting or something.


If you’re like me and feel like there’s “nothing” to watch until September, I’m including a list of other shows worth checking out!

  • Handmaids Tale Season 1 & 2 (Hulu) – If you haven’t watched this show, please do your self a favor and watch the first 2 seasons.  Legit.
  • Harlots Season 2 (Hulu) – I saw season one and it was “okay” for a fill-in show.  I’m going to peruse season 2 and see if I care about it.
  • Castle Rock in first season (Hulu) – We are watching this now.  Weird little series by Stephen King.
  • Love Season 1 & 2(Netflix) – Cute, dark, dry comedy about the early stages of “love” and all the feelings/baggage that comes with it.  We liked it.
  • Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 & 2 (Netflix) – So weird, but somehow very addicting and kinda hilarious.
  • Orange is the New Black Seasons 1-6(Netflix) – I tried to watch the latest season last night and couldn’t get into it.  But, you might!
  • Fear the Walking Dead in Season 4 (AMC) – The first few seasons were a snooze fest, but I think it might have gotten good last season. I can’t remember.  I’ll catch up.
  • The Innocents (Netflix, coming 8/24) – I’m so on the fence about this, but it has potential.
  • Ozark (Netflix, coming 8/31) – Season 1 was great!  Stoked to binge on another Season and OMG, isn’t Jason Bateman incredible?


Since I was sharing the Fall premiere schedule , I figured I’d also mention what’s coming back on HBO this year (and next).  Here’s a list of what we’re hooked on:

  • Big Little Lies – Season 2 confirmed, Winter 2018 or TBD 2019
  • Game of Thrones – Season 8 confirmed, TBD 2019
  • True Detective – Season 3 confirmed TBD 2018
  • Westworld – Season 3 confirmed, TBD 2019
  • Veep – Final Season confirmed TBD 2019

Okay, that is all!  Happy TV watching.  I legit watch maybe two hours of TV a day (probably 1.5 because we watch after the little goes to bed and I’m possibly sleep-watching), so it’s going to take me about 10 years to watch all this stuff.  I’m so up for the challenge 🙂


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