50 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids (and a few ways to save on them)

It’s been FOREVER since I’ve put together a good round-up of Subscription boxes for kids- so, I spent a huge chunk of time pulling this huge list together.  Some faves, some I’ve never tried.

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If you’re in on the subscription box craze that has literally swept the world these past several years, you know subscription boxes are pretty much the coolest thing ever.  Sure, there are some totally lame ones out there, but many of them are curated so well and really do offer a great way to discover new products.  I also love giving them as gifts!

As a Mom though, I have to say subscription boxes for kids are my most fave.  I’ve received various boxes over the years, from those for me (because, um…Momma needs to feel special too!) through pregnancy, toddler life and even for kid-specific meals.

They rock, which is why I’m sharing this big, huge, gigantic list!


The cool thing about subscription boxes is that most offer deals for new subscribers.  They also often offer various coupon codes seasonally and many times give credits via referral programs if you share their stuff with your besties.  Coupons are included if I’ve got em’ and I’ll be sure to add any that come my way.

Another trick is to go to google and type in the name of the subscription box and “coupon code” in the search bar.  Many bloggers get special coupon offers to hook up their readers and you can totally find great deals this way.

Let’s do it.


If you follow along, you know I’m obsessed with clothing delivery for my daughter.  When it comes to subscription boxes for kids, having someone style and send kids clothes to my door is the bestest.


Cat & Jack Baby Outfit Box | $40 per season

Easykicks with Nike | $20 per month

Fabkids | pay for what you buy each month

Four Gals Boutique | $14 per month

Kidbox  | $98 per season for kids clothes and $68 per season for baby clothes, no styling fee|  GET $25 Off your first box if you use my link. |  Reviews: 6 reasons I choose Kidbox to deliver our kids clothes, The ultimate gift for moms (in home styling for your kids), Discovering adorable girls and boys clothesKidbox delivers adorable kids clothes6 Reasons I choose Kidbox to deliver our kids clothes 14

Kidpik | No styling fee, pay for what you keep

Mac & Mia | $20 styling fee, plus the cost of items you keep

Moon Canyon Kids | $32.99 per month

50 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids and a few ways to save on them 1

Rockets of Awesome | $20 styling fee, plus cost of items you keep

Sock Panda | $15 per month | Reviews: Kids socks that will actually stay on those tiny little feet

Stitch Fix Kids | $20 styling fee, plus cost of items you keep | Reviews:  Adorable Stitch Fix outfits for kids, Stitch Fix Kids is here guys (and its super affordable!)


The Boy Box | $9.99 per month | Use code WELCOME at checkout to get a special discount


We are total bookworms in our house!  We have our favorites, but we love getting new books in the mail each month too.

Bookroo |$17.99 per month | Get $10 off your order using my link and entering KIDDOANDSOUL at checkout! | Reviews: Children’s books from Bookroo (so cute!)

Jambo Book Club | $19.99 per month

Lillypost | $26 per month

LitJoy Crate | $29.99 per month

Little Bookish Wardrobe  | $32.99 per month

50 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids and a few ways to save on them 1

Owlcrate | $27.99 per month

Reading Bug Box | $19.99 per month

ReadOn.Club  | $24.99 per month

The Story Box | $14.99 per month

Tribe of Little Readers | $24 per month

50 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids and a few ways to save on them 1

Educational & Learning

Some of my favorite subscription boxes for kids are those that help me teach her awesome things.  I don’t have a ton of time to put together activities and crafts.  If it comes to me in a kit or box, I’m smitten (and so is she!).

M is for Monster is PERFECT for working moms or busy moms in general who need preconceived educational activities for their preschooler!

Genius Box | $27 per month.

Green Kid Crafts | $19.95 per month

Kid Kits | $29.95 per month

Kindergarten Crate | $39 per month

50 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids and a few ways to save on them 1

M is for Monster | $24 per month | Review: Busy mamas + working moms? M is for Monster will change your life

Milestones | $59 per month

Outside the Box | $49.99 per box | Reviews:  Play, create + give back with Outside the Box

I've got Outside the Box by Cheeky Days on the blog and we're playing, exploring and giving back!

Sensory TheraPLAY | $39.95 per month

Two Pink Balloons | $35 per month

We Craft Box | $24.99 per month

Earthy & Eco-Friendly

I don’t claim to be the most earth-conscious and eco-friendly person out there, but I do try and am constantly looking to discover new products that are greener, cleaner and better for this world.50 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids and a few ways to save on them 1

Bee Kind Box | $29.99 per month

Growing Roots | $25 per month

Healthy Living Kids | $22.99 per month

Hoppi Box | $75 per quarter

Power Post | $15 per month

Wonderkin | $39.95 per month

Veggie Buds Club | $21.95 per month

Food & Snack

Who doesn’t love to eat? Below are some great snack and food subscription boxes for kids.  If you’re looking for meal delivery, I’ve got a little roundup post for that too.  That is all 🙂

Boxney | $30 per month

50 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids and a few ways to save on them 1

Crunchy Munchie Box | $23.99 per month

Foodstirs | Subscriptions start at | Reviews:  Our Foodstirs baking kit adventure

Great Kids Snack Box | $29.99

Kids Snack Club Subscription | $34.99 per month

50 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids and a few ways to save on them 1

Raw Box | $39.95 per month

50 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids and a few ways to save on them 1

Sleek Treat| $34.99 per month

SnackSack | $22.95 per month

Sugar Smart Box | $29.95 per month

Urth Box | $19.99 per month

Yumble | $6.99 – $7.99 per meal | Reviews: Yumble

If you're looking for meal delivery service for your kiddos, we've found a few for ya.

Let me know if you’ve given any of these kids boxes a try in the comments below.  Would love to know which ones you loved and hated.  Okay Byeeeeee!

Hundreds more subscription boxes right here!




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