One Third Stories is teaching kids and parents to speak a second language

I have a hard time speaking my first language, but love the idea of a book that can help my daughter (and me) learn how to speak a second language!

There are a lot of reasons for kids to learn a second language – boosts test scores, encourages cross-cultural understanding and even boosts empathy (wahuuuut?).  But, as a parent who only speaks one language, I don’t often think about diving into another.  We’re still trying to learn the basics here!

When I stumbled across One Third Stories I changed my mind.  These books sound genius- the story starts out in English, transitions and eventually ends in another language (English or French).  They call it “Clockwork Methodology” and I’m totally stoked about it.

One Third Stories is teaching kids and parents to speak a second language

You can hook your kiddo up with membership to The Story Box Club which lets you choose a language and learn it through monthly stories and activities.  Boxes are aimed towards kids 4-9.  You get an audio book with every delivery that helps you learn the pronunciations to then translate to your child (no pun intended).

I love the idea of learning a new language as a family and will be keeping my eye on One Third Stories.  Month to month subscriptions start at $24.99.

I’m definitely putting this on my daughter’s Christmas list.


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