Is personalized hair care really a thing for regular people like you and I?

I like a good drugstore product.  And, I’m constantly switching up my shampoo and conditioner, whether it be due to price or smell or just trying something new. There’s no shame in my non-commital hair game, but I wonder sometimes if its why my hair is a total nightmare.

I’ve been following Prose Hair for a while now and wonder if the personal hair care they boast is really a thing for normal people like me (I use the term “normal” here loosely guys, but we’re just gonna keep it going).  With so many personalized beauty products out there  (I’m pretty interested in personalized vitamins too, PS) I wonder is it, like…really a thing?  Or is it just a marketing ploy to get me to spend more money each month.

They have a 100% guarantee, so there’s that.  And, they seem pretty popular on the internets, so there’s that.  But, what’s so great about it?


Consult. You answer some questions online  (you can do it at a salon too, if there’s one close to where you live) so the consultant can get the full picture on your locks and scalp.  Mine’s Easy – Dry, but greasy.  Stringy and thin, but somehow gigantic and frizzy.  Never looking awesome.

Preferences. Tell them what you love, what you need and whatcha’ absolutely do not want so the product is further tailored to you.  Smells like Tahiti.  Actually transports me to Tahiti.

Production.  Everything is produced in their NYC lab with natural, fresh and highly potent ingredients.

Delivery.  You get the goods in 6 business days.  I have to say, that’s WAY fast.  Is it really customized and shipped that quickly?  Me and my hairs wanna know.

The website says the pricing starts at $25.  I’d be interested to know just how far that $25 will take me.


Well, I’m super intrigued and am going to look into it further.  Have you tried it?  If so, drop me a comment and let me know if your hair turned into unicorn locks or if it was a bust.  And, when I try it, I’ll update this post 🙂

Happy day!

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