Colorful clothes for kids and babes (all under $25 bucks!)

My daughter is obsessed with pink right now.  Like, OBSESSED.  We got this raspberry colored vest from Primary recently and LOVE it.  They make THE MOST colorful clothes for kids and the price is super affordable.

If you follow along you know that I’m not a fan of shopping when it comes to clothes for kids.  The whole experience is exhausting for me, so I typically lean to kids subscriptions like Kidbox or Stitch Fix to hook us up with styled clothing (that my kiddo can try on in home, while I sip coffee in my PJs).

If I’m not getting our kids clothes via a styled service, I like finding brands that keep the process simple and affordable.  Like, I don’t want to spend $30 bucks on a basic shirt or pair of leggings.

Colorful clothes for kids and babes all under 20 bucks

I’ve been eyeing Primary for a while now, but never took the plunge and made a purchase.  They had a sale going on a few weeks ago, and my daughter needed a vest, so I decided to give the ol’ college try.  Now I want to buy all the Primary things.  All.  The.  Things.


To be candid, the vest was $26 bucks on sale (and their puffer coats are $39) but everything else is priced under $25 (unless you’re grabbing a speciality gift set). Basics,, like a pair of leggings will run you $14 bucks. And I feel like they’re always having sales which bring their already affordable prices down to a steal (see below for 20% off)!

Colorful clothes for kids and babes all under 20 bucks

I love that they sell colorful basics without logos or sequins or other weird appliques.  They’ve got pants and dresses and skirts and jackets and vests and everything in between for boys and girls age 0-12 years old.

If you need a quick costume, they have TONS of ideas on their blog.


If you decide to order something awesome, use my link and coupon code AFF20PCT to get 20% off your first order!

You’ll find something in pretty much every color of the rainbow (including the entire rainbow if that’s your thing) and every season, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Colorful clothes for kids and babes all under 20 bucks

Okay, I’m off to fill my shopping cart with 72 more things. Don’t tell the hubs.


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