Pretty Tees that honor our rainbow babies

You might now know this, but my sweet girl?  She’s a rainbow babe.  The hubs and I struggled with infertility and when our little miracle finally happened we were blessed with two tiny babies.  Unfortunately, her baby brother didn’t make it to the second trimester, but when she was born?  All the rainbows appeared.

October is infertility awareness, pregnancy and loss month.  It honors the many parents who have struggled to create their families, along with those who have lost in pregnancy and early infancy.  For those of you that don’t know, a Rainbow Baby is a child born after pregnancy or infancy loss.  And, really…they are the most magical rainbows.

Pretty Tees that honor our rainbow babies

Mom Culture is celebrating this very thing with one of their latest collections:  These “Rainbow Mama” tees.  The collection is in partnership with Dr. Jessica Zucker (founder of the #ihadamiscarrige campaign) and includes mugs and tees for Mom and babe.

If you haven’t checked these guys out, yet – you totally should!  They make inspirational stuff for parents and moms, including two my most favorite things  – my Raise Good Humans tee and Raising Tiny Humans is Exhausting mug.

Pretty Tees that honor our rainbow babies

Love when brands like this provide a venue for women to offer support to one another.  You can grab a tee for $36 or a mug for $15.95.  Kids tees go from 3 months to 4T and will run ya $28 bucks.  Money well spent!


If you’re struggling with infertility or loss, I’m sending all my love your way 🙂

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