Can you save money ordering from a meat delivery service? We tried it.

We eat a ton of meat in our house. Well, the hubs eats more than I do, but nonetheless, we make some pretty hefty meat purchases each week, which costs us a boatload of money.  Meat is not cheap people! Is a meat delivery service our saving grace?

With all the meat delivery services out there these days, we were excited to have an opportunity to give one a try and see if it’s worth it or not.

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Since transitioning to a keto lifestyle, we have become quite the meat snobs. Because the nutritional value is often better in grass fed, free range and hormone free meats, we exclusively buy stuff that falls within those categories.

Can you save money by ordering from a meat delivery service

It ain’t cheap. But, I feel better about what’s going inside my body.


We received a box of meat from Karv, a really great company located in our great state of Massachusettes, delivering nationwide. They sent us their Standard Plan for 2 people, which came packed with 26 portions of beef, chicken, turkey and pork.

Can you save money by ordering from a meat delivery service

The package came filled with meat (obvs), mesquite seasoning and step by step instructions to walk us through everrrrrything.  Legit, they left nothing to figure out – I loved how well thought out and descriptive they were with every step.  Did you know you could cook meats from frozen?  I had no clue (until they told me how).

Can you save money by ordering from a meat delivery service


Since we buy our meat fresh each week, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about receiving a month’s supply of frozen meat. For starters, how will I fit it all in my freezer (it was basically a game of Tetris) and also, will I remember to thaw it on the days I know I’ll be making it?

Can you save money by ordering from a meat delivery service

Well, it fit in my freezer (just barely) and I’ve forgotten to take the meat out to thaw a couple of times. Other than that, there’s no shame in my frozen meat delivery game. And, I’m pleasantly peaceful with the process.


The first cut of meat we ate were these beauty-ful Bravarre steaks.

Can you save money by ordering from a meat delivery service

And, let me tell you, there was no sacrifice in flavor just because it had been frozen and thawed. Super delicious, great quality texture and flavor.

Can you save money by ordering from a meat delivery service

We decided to wrap it in bacon because meat wrapped in meat is an incredible way to dine. And, also because…bacon.

Can you save money by ordering from a meat delivery service


The portion sizes we received were totally in line with the portion sizes we typically eat (we watch our protein intake and limit our consumption to standard portion sizes).  I can’t speak for every meat delivery service, but we were very happy with the volume of meat we received from Karv!

Can you save money by ordering from a meat delivery service


Okay. Here’s the big one. The question I wanted to know and I’m sure you do too. Does ordering meat from a meat delivery service save money? The answer might not be what you’re guessing!

Can you save money by ordering from a meat delivery service

If you are not ordering grass fed, free range and organic meats, you will probably not save anything.  In fact, you might be spending a lot more because these types of meats are generally more expensive and don’t often go on sale at local grocery stores. BUT, if you are purchasing these types of meats already, you have a good chance on saving each month (wallet savings and convenience savings).


So, I forgot to write down the exact inventory of what we received in our box before we dove in and started devouring it. But, here’s a very close example of what we got to use for comparison (they switch it out slightly month to month so meat varieties vary).

• Ground Beef 85% lean (2 portions)
• Beef Rib Eye (2 portions)
• Beef Premium Tips (2 portions)
• Shaved Steak (2 portions)
• Bavette Steak (2 portions)
• Frenched Pork Chop (2 portions)
• Pork Tenderloin (2 portions)
• Ground Turkey (2 portions)
• Chicken Cutlets (2 portions)
• Chicken Tenders (2 portions)
• Boneless Chicken Thighs (2 portions)
• Chicken Kabobs (2 portions)
• Chicken Sausage (2 portions)

Can you save money by ordering from a meat delivery service

The box we received from Karv included 26 portions of meat and cost $198. That’s $7.62 per serving. If we would’ve purchased these exact same cuts locally (fresh), we would have paid a total of $204, or $7.86 per serving.


The prices are SUPER close, so it may not seem like a HUGE savings, but, for me? It is.  Here’s why:

BEST MEAT QUALITY: ALL of the meats from Karv where the best quality meat you can buy:  grass fed and finished beef, organic, free-range poultry, and crate-free, heritage breed pork.  There’s no way I’m finding this kind of quality locally.  Maybe a few things, but most of these meat cuts are not easy to access at my grocery store. Because we are so particular about what we eat, I often have to stop at 2 or more grocery stores to get the meats we want to be eating. While our grocery stores carry grass-fed meats, organic and free-range poultry, the supplies are usually pretty small (like it takes up a super teeny section of an otherwise ginormous meat selection).  I’ve never seen crate-free pork.

ONE DELIVERY (NO MORE TRIPS TO MULTIPLE GROCERY STORES).  I received ALL of the meats in 1 simple shipment.  As mentioned above, the meat quality at our local grocery stores does not come in large quantity or variety.  So, when I meal plan each week, I often have to run to multiple stores to get the simplest cuts of grass-fed beef and free range, organic chicken.  It drives me nuts!

Can you save money by ordering from a meat delivery service

MAKES MEAL PLANNING EASY! Since I meal prep and plan, I can plan an entire month’s worth of meals knowing what’s already in my freezer. That means, I can purchase the “extras” online via sites like Thrive Market, where I can get things cheaper than in the grocery stores (average savings of $2 bucks per item when I shop Thrive).  I buy the produce locally for freshness, which makes it a quick trip.

While there are smaller savings on the meat (still, a savings!), there are tons of conveniences with this particular meat delivery service making it a win for our little fam.


If you want to give Karv a try, you can do so here. If you use my link, they will offer you a 20% discount on your first order.

Can you save money by ordering from a meat delivery service
Let me know if you give it a go or have any questions!  I’m happy to provide more insights into my meat delivery service experience:)  Happy eating!




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