Easy houseplants for people who are not awesome at gardening

Well, well, well. Here I am posting about houseplants, despite being one of the most ruthless plant killers in the land. It’s not that I aspire to kill all the plants. I love the plants. I just suck at growing them.

This post is sponsored by My Garden Box.

I feel like I was born with a black thumb. You know, from the second I came out of the womb, plants near and far wilted at the mere thought of my presence. And, I know I’m not alone. While some of you are gardening goddesses, some of us are the grim reapers of the plant world.

But, we don’t have to be.


In the last year or so, I’ve stumbled across quite a few houseplants that actually seem to fancy me. These houseplants are thriving regardless of their requirements for sunlight water and nurturing.

Easy houseplants for people who are not awesome at gardening

Somehow, each of these plants have managed to survive my “plant and neglect” method of gardening.  And, that makes them excellent contenders for the not-so-awesome gardener.


It started with my first delivery from My Garden Box, a DIY Garden Box ($38.50 per month) packed with these absolutely gorgeous chicks and hens. For those of you who don’t know, chicks and hens are actually succulents in the plant world. Not actual chickens one might raise in their backyard (there may or may not have been some confusion there for me the first time I received them).

We had so much fun putting together our My Garden Box delivery! Check out our chicks & hens!

Anyway – they were SUPER easy to plant (My Garden Box goes heavy on the instructions which is perfect for novice gardeners like myself) and even easier to take care of. Chicks and hens are kinda like gremlins – they multiply! I’ve had them just over a year and they are incredible.

We had so much fun putting together our My Garden Box delivery! Check out our chicks & hens!

I’ve had them indoors, outdoors and even left them in my garage all winter long (I live in Boston so they probably froze). They continue to be obedient little growers and for that, I love them so.


My second delivery from My Garden Box was filled with dish plants. The theme of the box was “doing the dishes” (can you even?) and included four mini dish plants (the Black Scallop, Berry Smoothie and Pusillus Minimus Aureus).


Like all boxes from My Garden Box, I didn’t need to gather any supplies or figure out what to do. It came with all the instructions, plants, a dish container, mat, soil, moss topping and a cleanup kit (My Garden Box always sends little extras in their DIY Garden Boxes).

Dish Plants are true survivors (at least mine were). Apparently, I overlooked the gigantic sticker on the box that said “Live Plants”, so they sat in my garage for a few days in the dead of winter. These plants froze, wilted, and resurrected before my very eyes. So, you know…they’re a win in my book when it comes to houseplants.



The fact that I’m sharing succulents twice is a testament to how awesome these houseplants are for plant murderers like us.

In my third My Garden Box delivery, I received 7 different types of plant, including (3) Sedum Plants, (3) Sempervivum Plants and (1) Delosperma Plant.

Don’t get all caught up in the fancy plant lingo – they were succulents. Beautiful, green, happy little succulents just begging to become mine.


I planted them in the Root Pouch Planter they sent along in the box, along with lava rocks and other thangs. I’m pretty sure I haven’t done anything to them since. And, they bloomed 3 or 4 times over the summer (the prettiest magenta flowers!).



Delivery number four was my very own Bonsai tree. I thought this one was a goner the second I planted it…probably because I was a total rebel, didn’t read the instructions and did everything you’re NOT supposed to do when planting, pruning and prepping your Bonsai.

Sponsor Spotlight My Garden Box and their amazing Bonzai gardening kit

Good news is that My Garden Box sent me yet another resilient houseplant (well…I guess it’s a tree). It fell in love with me despite my gardening flaws and now we are united as one.


Last, but certainly not least is my most recent crush – this rattlesnake plant (isn’t she just beautiful?). This month I tried out the My Monthly Plant subscription. It’s a bit cheaper at just $21.50 per month and may be a little less daunting for those of you as terrified of green stuff and soil as I.

Easy houseplants for people who are not awesome at gardening

This thing was SUPER easy to plant – I filled the beautiful pot they sent me with soil (also included in my delivery), stuck the plant in, added some black pebbles and called my job done.

Easy houseplants for people who are not awesome at gardening

While I can’t confirm or deny if this is a safe houseplant for black thumbs, I can tell you that it was up in my attic (safe from cat murdering) for the past week or so and despite being completely alone, dry and cold – still manages to look this magical.

Easy houseplants for people who are not awesome at gardening


I would have never, ever dabbled in any of this if it wasn’t for My Garden Box. And because of that, I’d recommend this box to anyone – those who love gardening and those who have no clue how to fill a watering can.

Easy houseplants for people who are not awesome at gardening

They offer two subscription types, the Do-It-Yourself garden, and the My Monthly Plant subscriptions. The DIY Garden subscription ($38.50) offers a super fun gardening project (which I almost always do with my four year old). It’s themed and filled with everything you need to create , including fun extras. The Plant club membership ($21.50) is a great experience for new gardeners and those of us terrified of committing another plant-slaying. You get a feature plant, container, potting and care instructions. Easy peasy.


If you want to grab one for yourself or someone you love, use KIDDO20 at checkout to get 20% off new box orders! We got the Plant subscription for my Mom as a gift last year and she LOVED it. She is a much better gardener than I, so there’s a small chance she’s not my real mother. But that’s a whole other blog post.

Easy houseplants for people who are not awesome at gardening


If you’re feelin’ lucky this week, head on over to this post and enter for your chance to win a My Monthly Plant box for yourself! This is the fifth time My Garden Box is on the blog giving away the gift of horticulture to kiddoandsoul readers. You can enter here, now through 11:59pm ET on 11/18.




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  • I am a pretty awesome gardener but not so awesome with houseplants. I have not tried succulents yet but I have a pothos that is headed into its second year.and is huge and healthy.