Fathead Dough BLT Pizza (low carb and keto friendly)

No matter the diet, we are pizza lovers to the core.  We usually have some form of low carb and keto friendly pizza each week, whether it be a simple pepperoni number (with Fathead dough), a quick bake cauliflower crust or these pizza rolls.

Our latest jam is this BLT pizza and I totally want to marry it.


If you’re eating a grain-free, sugar-free diet, and haven’t jumped on the fathead dough train yet, grab yourself a ticket and hold on tight!  I’m not sure who originated fathead dough, but it is a staple when cooking “bready” keto recipes (primarily pizza).  When you vary the recipe slightly, you can use it as a base for keto bagels, cinnamon rolls, hamburger buns and a slew of other goodies.

Fathead Dough BLT Pizza (Low carb and keto friendly)

We’ve come across a bunch of variations, and have found a combination of ingredients we like best for fathead dough pizza.


One of the best things about our former lives was frozen pizza.  We ate way too much of it, but it was a life saver when life got in the way.  Going keto changed that habit with the quickness.  Thankfully we found a much healthier version of our sweet pizza love that’s not only better for us but quick and easy to make.

Fathead Dough BLT Pizza (Low carb and keto friendly)

Making your own pizza dough might seem like an obnoxious endeavor for a quick meal, but trust me…it’s not that much more work.  You throw around 3-4 ingredients in a bowl, microwave it for a few minutes, roll it out and bake it for 10.  Decorate it, bake it a few more and you’re eating pizza like a boss.


We were getting bored with regular ol’ pizza, so we decided to get creative using our beloved fathead dough.  We made the dough the same way we do for regular pizza, but instead of decorating it with sauce, cheese, and pepperoni, we spread our favorite mayo (keto friendly!), some spinach, cherry tomatoes and bacon on top.

Fathead Dough BLT Pizza (Low carb and keto friendly)

Boom. BLT pizza happened and we are now obsessed.

If we haven’t eaten much during the day, we split the entire pizza between us.  I’ve included those macros (and the macros per slice) in the recipe below to make it super easy to plan.


Move quickly with the dough. Be sure to move quickly with your fathead dough.  After you take it out of the microwave you want to make sure you get all of the ingredients mixed and mushed together before the dough forms.  If you get interrupted (say, a 4-year-old comes in the kitchen and asks you 35 questions), just pop it back in the microwave for a few seconds and mix, mix, mix.

Parchment Paper is your bestie. Parchment paper is your best friend when baking grain-free recipes.  For fathead dough, we use 2 pieces and put the dough in between to roll it out.  Fathead dough is super sticky and this keeps things clean (and easy)!

Fathead Dough BLT Pizza (Low carb and keto friendly)

Save Money on expensive ingredients. We purchase all of our keto friendly baking ingredients and condiments at Thrive Market. Almond flour is NOT CHEAP – Thrive saves us so much money (if you use my link you get 25% off your first purchase).  Amazon is another great source for Keto Ingredients.


The complete recipe is below and yours for the baking (ha-ha, see what I did there)?  If you’re feeling like making something else that’s totally “pizza-y”, check out these pizza roll-ups I created.  They feel so naughty without the naughty ingredients.

Happy eating!

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Fathead Dough BLT Pizza
This is a super quick way to eat pizza and get your veggies in. Low carb, keto friendly and great for anyone who loves a BLT (sans the "bread").
  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees
  2. In a large bowl, add Mozzarella cheese, almond flour, cream cheese and italian seasoning (I usually cut the cream cheese into little pieces so it mixes in better). Loosly mix together.
  3. Place bowl in microwave for 60 seconds. Remove and mix. Then, return to microwave for 30 seconds.
  4. MOVE QUICKLY! Remove from microwave and add egg. Then, mix well with spatula until everything is equally combined. You may need to use your hands for this part. If you do, dough will be sticky (add a little EVOO to your hands to make it easier to mix).
  5. Once combined, place the dough between two pieces of parchment paper and prepare pizza shape. We do a rectangular shape about the length and width of a large cookie sheet. Use your hands to spread and/or a rolling pin. Dough will be thin, but not so thin you can see through.
  6. Once rolled, place one sheet of parchment on cookie sheet along with dough. Bake for 10-12 minutes.
  7. While dough is baking, cook your bacon according to instructions on container.
  8. When done, remove dough from oven and let cool. After letting dough cool, add your toppings by spreading the mayo on the entire crust. Then, top with spinach and cherry tomatoes (sliced in half) and bacon. Enjoy!
Recipe Notes


SERVING SIZE: Per slice (makes 8 slices)

MACROS:  237 calories | 20 g fat | 12 g protein |  less than 1 g net carbs

My husband and I typically split the batch.  The macros for the entire pizza split between 2 people are:

SERVING SIZE: 2 (makes 4 slices per person)

MACROS:  948 calories | 81 g fat | 49 g protein | 1 g net carbs

Nutritional Info Disclaimer:  I am not a medical or nutritional professional.  I provide nutritional information for my recipes as a courtesy based upon the ingredients I'm using.  I encourage you to find a nutritional calculator you like best and calculate individual nutrition info based upon the ingredients you are using.  All carb counts are based upon total carbs unless otherwise noted.




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