Goal setting for 2019 (self Care, reading more & generally being awesomer at all the things)

Happy New Years Eve!  I feel like I don’t even know what day it is right now.  Well, I mean, it’s December 31st obviously, but is it Monday?  Tuesday?  We’ve been on vay-cay for what seems like forever and I’m in the “what day of the week is it” haze.  But, I’m also super motivated and neck deep in goal setting for the year, so yay me!

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I never used to be the “resolutions” type, but these past couple of years I find myself really excited to set goals in the New Year.  Last year’s goals were all about losing weight and finding my healthy side again (boom, rocked that one – peace out 23 pounds).  This year, I’m filling my goals list with health…yes.  But, I’m also throwing in lots of other fun things (like reading a Book a week!  Who dis?).

Here’s what I’m planning (and posting here for purposes of keeping myself accountable and possibly bringing a little motivation your way too).


I lost a bunch of LBs last year and focused mostly on retraining my brain to enjoy food for nourishment and not for comfort (happy and sad comfort).  I feel successful in that endeavor – sure, I lost the weight, but I’ve stayed grain-free and sugar-free and it really changed my relationship with food (I’m a crazy baker and cooker of things now!).

Goal setting for 2019 (self Care reading more & generally being awesomer at all the things)

Christmas season, however, was tough – while I didn’t cheat, I did overeat a bit in the sugar-free sweets department.  It’s so easy to fall back into old habits, despite not really wanting to.  Anyway – it wasn’t my worst showing, but definitely a revisitation of old habits.  So,  I’m working on getting back into the habit of eating until I’m full and not eating because my brain thinks 16 sugar-free cookies is what it needs.


My workouts suffered a bit last year.  It’s not that I didn’t want to…I still worked out many mornings.  But, I spent a fair amount of time focusing solely on the food aspect and giving my body a rest as it learned its new way of fueling itself.

Goal setting for 2019 (self Care reading more & generally being awesomer at all the things)

Even though I’m back down to a size 6 and wearing fitted-ish clothes again (I went from wearing XL tops to S), I can tell my body needs more.  For mental health purposes, I need those daily endorphins.  And, for purposes of being 41 and 20+ pounds lighter, I need to tighten and tone.

So, goal setting for fitness: HIIT, pilates, yoga and lots more dancing in my living room with my almost 5-year-old.


I can’t believe I’m even typing that, but guys…I’m a reading fool these days.  I’ve read 3 books since Christmas and am absolutely re-mesmerized with the joy a good book brings me.  I’m also a super fast reader (what takes my hubs a month, takes me 2 days), so I gotta set the goal high. I’m not limiting my genre’s either.  EVERYTHING is fair game.  So far, I’ve read a few romantic-ish thrillers by B.A. Paris and Busy Phillips memoir (This Will Only Hurt a Little).  Next up is Michelle Obama’s book Becoming!  I’ll start a reading list and share it here on the blog for those interested!


Reading books has brought an entirely new thing into my world –  which is choosing not to work in every single second of free time I have.  I tend to work whenever there’s an open window of time and, while I truly love it…I really need to give myself more time to just….be. Goal setting for 2019 (self Care reading more & generally being awesomer at all the things) Reading is definitely doing that for me, but I’m hoping to bring some other things into the mix too (getting my hair done more, nails done more, massages more frequently, taking an early a.m. flow class at the adorable yoga studio down the street, laying under a blanket and petting my cats for like, an hour).  Notice that none of these things involve my laptop, my cell phone, social media or the television.  I don’t watch a ton of TV anyway, but I am on my phone all.the.time.


Does your house feel like a disaster?  Because mine feels like a disaster.  In the real world it’s not even close to a disaster but in my mind it’s hoarders home.  There are things in places that things don’t belong, stuff stuffed in corners and drawers that are overflowing.  And, don’t even get me started on the baseboards.  Those bad boys need to be magic erased and scoured with something strong.  The 2018 me would make a gigantic list and expect all the jobs to be completed in one weekend.  The new, casual me has made the gigantic list (post to follow), but has set a reasonable expectation of one room a week.  Each room (each week) gets a full makeover – finding its order again (selling and donating stuff we don’t use or haven’t touched in 6 months or less), decluttering, and deep (deep) cleaning.  I might be most excited about this goal.  It’s probably because I’m basically Monica from Friends.


This is a weird one to throw in here, but I really want to maximize my savings on groceries this year.  Eating a special diet is super duper expensive and I know we can be saving way more than we already are.  Its gonna be a challenge, but when I have time I’m gonna get to planning and challenge myself to save a bazillion dollars this year.


This is a big one that will probably take the most work.  While I try to be forgiving of myself, I’m my worst critic when it comes to parenting.  This year, I’m going to remind myself (constantly) of this one thing:  The way I parent my little is rooted with love and in that she’ll be just fine.  Shout out to my therapist for that one.  I started therapy last year to help me destress and be a better parent (much of which includes cutting myself some slack in the parenting department).

Goal setting for 2019 (self Care reading more & generally being awesomer at all the things)

She (my awesome therapist) reminds me that because my parenting is rooted with deep love for this little soul, she’ll be fine, even when I royally eff up (and especially when I get down to her level and admit my wrongs).  Showing her how to navigate failure is one of the best things I can give her right now because it’s real life.  And, this year, I’m going to remember to breathe and forgive myself for my failures too.  Because that’s also real life.


Anyone who knows me, knows I work…HARD.  This year, I’m going to maintain that while setting realistic expectations about the time I have to throw at my passions.  I’m a working Mama, with a kiddo that only goes to school a few hours 3 days a week. When that’s not happening, we’re on playdates, or gymnastics, or dance,  or running errands or checking out the new animal exhibit for the 15th time with our zoo membership.  We’re a busy fam and sometimes this creates a head-on collision with my entrepreneurial spirit and marketing dreams.

Goal setting for 2019 (self Care reading more & generally being awesomer at all the things)

I’m excited to continue to chase those dreams in a way that doesn’t create stress about things completely outside my control.  And, when that kiddo hits Kindergarten in the Fall (with 5 FULL days of school), I’m going to kill it.  Like, kill it. Obviously in between school drop off and play dates and gymnastics and dance and that zoo animal exhibit I already mentioned, but you know…small victories.  I’m a goal setting maniac.


These merely touch the surface when it comes to things I want to work on this year, but they are the ones I’m going to choose to focus on most!  In between I’ll be planning a trip to Disney, a 5th birthday party and (insert 6 million other responsibilite here).What goals are you setting?  If you have any tips for staying on track with stuff let me know – when it comes to goal setting (or pretty much anything) I like charts and stuff.  Send me your charts.

Happy 2019 guys!


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