Alana Athletica is the world’s first social impact activewear brand and I’m all about it (get FREE leggings!)

Guys.  I recently stumbled across Alana Athletica – an amazing brand whose sole mission is to encourage women and help them succeed.  I’m stoked to be sharing their message (and linking you up to FREE leggings if you want em’)!


With their humanitarian partner, Emerge Global, Alana Athletica is helping sexual abuse survivors heal, develop skills and get back on their feet.

She’s been told she’s unworthy…powerless…at fault.

When we (you, me and hopefully all of your friends because you’re going to tell them about this amazing opportunity) write messages of encouragement via a simple form on their website, we are directly impacting and supporting the Sri Lankan woman who are enrolled in their Emerge Program.


In Sri Lanka, a woman is raped every 90 minutes.  This is heartbreaking.   Especially considering 84% of those rapes are victims under the age of 18.

Alana Athletica is the worlds first social impact activewear brand and Im all about it

This is our moment.

We envision a world where business has a greater purpose, which is why we’ve launched Alana Athletica, the world’s first social impact activewear brand…We’re excited to invite women to be part of our brand’s mission by sharing a message of encouragement and receiving their first Alana legging as a gift. -Juan Castellanos, co-founder of Alana Athletica.

Taking a few minutes out of our busy days to make other girls and women feel empowered and amazing?  It’s one of many simple, kind things we can do this holiday season.  We are all worthy of love, support and kindness, no matter our religion, our race, our country or our circumstance.


To join Alana Athletica in their mission, make this world a brighter place, and get yourself a pair of FREE leggings (you pay shipping), head on over to their website.  Then enter your email and click “I’m In”.  Type your message, and click “Submit and get free leggings”.  Your message can be completely anonymous or you can choose to have it shared.  Either way, it will be read and it will empower someone who needs to hear YOUR words.

Alana Athletica is the worlds first social impact activewear brand and Im all about it

You’ll get an email describing the next steps to get your FREE leggings delivered to your front door. You can submit messages and be eligible for the FREE leggings through January 13, 2019.

Don’t forget to use #MoveWithImpact when sharing pics of your new leggings with your friends.  Let’s be part of something bigger than presents under a tree this holiday season.  I’m stoked.



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