SNL skit perfectly depicts the “Joy” of Christmas for Parents (prepare to LOL)

OMG, have you seen the latest SNL skit?  Let me just say there is a reason why this video has almost 4 million views.  Prepare to find yourself relating to pretty much everything in this video.


I have been feeling the “joy” this Christmas big time.  It started with the idea of being home on Christmas morning for the first time in 10 years.  Knowing the excitement my daughter will have to leave cookies for Santa in her own house and walk down to her own living room on Christmas morning has been enough to send me into a joy spiral.

Funny thing about Christmas joy…

OMG, the coughing kid is my nightmare.


I’m just wondering when the “joy” will end….and when I say “joy” I mean all the complaining and ungratefulness.  In my kiddos defense, she’s four.  But, man…that kid could suck the Christmas spirit out of Buddy the Elf.

There’s the complaining about the Advent gifts (apparently I’ve done a horrific job bringing the spirit of Christmas to her  Oh, and our poor Elf has been on the shit list since day 2.  My child comes down every morning to look for the Elf, finds it, stands in front of it with her hands on her hips, sighs and then sometimes sobs because the Elf did something cute like, eat her precious marshmallows or spell her name in cookies.


Forget Christmas shopping.  My child, the one who usually asks for something, is told “no” and moves on her merry way, is asking for EVERYTHING IN THE STORE and throwing 52 Christmas sized tantrums for all the world to see.  She doesn’t care about being good for goodness sake.  Is it PC to cancel Christmas and cry in the fetal position for like, a week or two?

Here’s a pic of her last year feeling miserable because I suggested we leave three Christmas cookies for Santa.  Apparently, exactly two cookies is the going rate for a boatload of amazing things from the big guy.

SNL skit perfectly depicts the Joy of Christmas for Parents prepare to LOL


Somehow, when my little Scrooge lays her perfect head on her pillow each night, the misery of the day disappears.  I look at those sweet rosy cheeks and those perfect blonde ringlets and there I am….flooded with the spirit of Christmas, wanting nothing more than to bring all of her wishes and dreams to life.

SNL skit perfectly depicts the Joy of Christmas for Parents prepare to LOL

That’s the funny thing about parenting.  It’s the most brutal job in the world, but somehow leaves you with nothing but pure, utter, glorious, sweet love for the little soul that tortured you all day.

Merry Christmas ya’ll!  “Even when it’s the worst, it’s the best.”


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