Super easy Reindeer Chow gift for kids to make for their lovies

I’m not sure if you noticed or not, but Christmas is just a couple weeks away.  A COUPLE WEEKS GUYS!  Is anyone else freaking out because I might be freaking out a little about all the last minute gifts we need to get and make – thank god I’ve got this easy Reindeer Chow gift idear up my sleeve 🙂

Our daughter is a total giver all year long.  She loves to make cards and deliver them to perfect strangers in the park or the grocery store, and can’t wait when its a birthday or holiday so she can make gifts for the people she loves the most.  Last year, we came up with this little Reindeer Chow gift jar for aunts and uncles (she’s got like 5,000 of them) and it was perfect.

Sorry in advance for the poor pic quality.  I took these last year with an iphone from the dark ages, but wanted to share with you anyway!


This little Reindeer Chow gift is great for toddlers and young kids (older kids too).  My daughter was three last year when we made it and she absolutely loved the entire process – from buying the ingredients and mixing up the “chow”, to choosing the decorations that would go on the jar and creating the decorative lids.

I mean…its also called “Reindeer Chow” so how much more adorable and festive couldja’ get!


The beauty of reindeer chow is that its pretty much fool proof.  You just think of all the things Buddy the Elf would eat, buy it and dump it into a big bowl for mixing.  Some recipes call for melted marshmallows or chocolate, but we had like zero time, so we made it super, duper simple (and pretty much mess free):

  • Pretzel
  • Golden Grahams
  • Mini Marshmallows
  • Christmas Colored M & Ms
  • Salted Cashews

Super easy Reindeer Chow gift for kids to make for the fam


Guys, I’m going to wow you with these instructions right about now and make your last minute Christmas gift prep the easiest ever.  Ready?  Dump everything into a huge bowl and mix it up.  No need to measure, just dump it in and call your job done.

The ingredients above ensure a nice sweet and salty mix with lots of textures.  You could always make it even better by mixing it up with a little-powdered sugar, some cinnamon, a drizzle of honey…this is a choose your own adventure gift making sesh!  And, your kiddo will love every part of it!

Here’s a recipe I like that includes cheerios, pecans and melted chocolate if you’re looking for some additional inspo.


We put ours in mason jars because I loved that you could see the Christmas treat through the glass.

Super easy Reindeer Chow gift for kids to make for the fam

We purchased scraps of Christmas printed fabric from Michaels for practically nothing, grabbed a few other adornments, some ribbon and called it a day.  Here’s our supplies list:

  • Mason Jars
  • Christmas Printed Fabric
  • Bells
  • Ribbon
  • Stick on Jewels

Once you’ve created your reindeer chow, pour it into your mason jars (my daughter loved this part).  Then, cut your fabric into squares (you’ll have to choose your own size depending upon the mason jars you use.  I went with 5″x 5″ and then trimmed as necessary once they were affixed to the mason jars).

Remove the center part of the lid, replace with your fabric square and tighten the lid.  then, tie a ribbon around the top (add a bell because bells are so Christmassy).  Add a few stickers or jewels and it’s done.  Make sure you let your kiddo do as much of it as possible on their own.  Throw out all of your tendencies for perfection and let them get really creative with it.


Our daughter likes to personally deliver her gifts to the recipients, so we labeled them, hauled them over the fams and she passed each one out one by one.  These little mason jar gifts were a total hit and were legit, the easiest things to pull off during the busiest week of the year.




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